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Boris Baeumler

Vice President of Technology

Boris started his career at DEPRAG in 1986 and has held positions as Service Manager, Sr. Applications Engineer and is currently positioned as VP-Technology overseeing all North American technical operations.

Boris has been instrumental in the development and implementation of the ADAPTIVE DFS, and since its launch he has been DEPRAG’s North American specialist in Flow Fastening Technology. Boris has over 30-years of experience in the subjects of screw-joints, material behavior, and assembly solutions related to fastening technology. He has been a contributor to numerous white papers and technical articles, and is co-author of a research paper related to Flow Fastening Technology. 


WORKSHOP #2 | Fastening & Joining: New & Alternative Methods
Flow-Drill Screws for Mixed-Material Assembly

Faced with the need to join aluminum to aluminum and aluminum to steel, automakers have been forced to find alternatives to the tried-and-true spot welding technology they had been using for decades to join all-steel assemblies. Flow-drill screws are one such alternative. A flow-drill, or friction-drilling, screw is a self-piercing and extruding fastener for joining layers of sheet metal. Combining the properties of friction drilling and thread forming, the screw acts as both a fastener and a drilling-and-tapping tool. It penetrates the layers, extrudes a short boss, forms its own threads, and applies clamping force between the sheets. This presentation will cover the advantages and limitations of this new fastening technology.

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