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Bruce Buscher

Vice President, Smart Handling Group
Jervis B. Webb Company, Division of Daifuku North America

Mr. Buscher has been involved with leading the charge to automate manufacturing and assembly processes for more than 39 years, first as an engineer on the plant floor and now as VP of Daifuku’s AGV group leading a team of system engineers to deploy AGV’s in Assembly Lines across all industries. Daifuku uses AGV’s to solve basic issues like Ergonomics, Safety, Workforce turn over and Cost Reductions. Mr Buscher has lead the AGV group of Daifuku for the last thirteen years in developing a full line of standard AGV products and Navigation Technologies to solve Assembly Line problems and drive out cost. As the oldest AGV manufacturer in North America, Daifuku has continuously lead the way in automating assembly lines over the last 100 years and doing it with AGV’s since 1962.


Automating Assembly Lines with AGV’s

This presentation covers multiple real examples of companies that use AGV’s for their Assembly Lines and Line Side Delivery Systems. You will see first hand more than 20 Fortune 500 and 1000 companies that have implemented AGV technologies into their manufacturing and assembly operations to increase productivity, reduce cost, solve ergonomic issues, reduce Fork Truck traffic and increase safety at the same time. The Case Studies presented will reveal the ROI’s achieved by these companies on their projects and show the many different hard and soft benefits that resulted from the projects. The case studies will also reveal the different possible scenarios these companies investigated before deciding on an AGV solution.

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