Jim McNicholas

Director of Business Development
Cardinal Kinetic

Mr. Jim McNicholas is a seasoned Controls Design Engineer and highly regarded Servo Specialist. Throughout his career, Jim has solved motion challenges in industries and applications including Materials Handling, Textiles, Semiconductors, Robotics, Lab Sciences, and more. Jim will review some key experiences of the past, and share new ideas and techniques of the future.


Motion Control Simplified - Modern Solutions for Modern Engineers

What does motion control look like five years from now? How will new technology, new programming methods, IIoT, cloud based SAAS, and the massive digital transformation taking place in manufacturing affect how we control motion? Mr. Jim McNicholas, Director of Business Development at Cardinal Kinetic along with Mr. David Sellers, Director of Operations & Marketing will share their vision of what the future holds for those of us involved in this common, yet critical functional area. Using a selection of recognizable applications, the Cardinal Kinetic team will compare traditional and common motion control methodologies to a modern, simplified, connected solution. Don’t miss this glimpse into the future of motion control.

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