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Joe Campbell

Head of Americas Marketing and Applications Development
Universal Robots USA

Joe Campbell is a 40-year veteran of the robotics industry. After executive assignments in sales, marketing, customer service and operations, Joe is now head of Americas marketing and applications development for Universal Robots. He regularly speaks to industry groups, associations, conferences and state and local governments on the benefits of robotic automation.


Resolving the Labor Crisis in Manufacturing

Manufacturers today are facing an imminent predicament: a labor crisis. A recent Society of Manufacturing Engineers study found that 89% of manufacturers are currently having difficulty finding skilled workers. Three main factors -- manufacturing growth, baby boomers retiring and younger generations generally discouraged to work in manufacturing – indicate that supply of open positions will outpace demand for the next one to two decades. In this session, the manufacturing crisis will be defined and beneficial automation strategies will be discussed – solutions that take over the dull, dirty and dangerous manufacturing jobs while improving product quality, enhancing productivity and attracting new talent to manufacturing.

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