John Nigro

National Sales Manager
Sturtevant Richmont

Over the last 19 years, John Nigro has helped government agencies, distributors, and end users better understand torque application with the intent of improving end user product quality. His assistance has come in the form of providing “hands-on” torque application training, as well as helping end users understand all the important decision points in selecting the most appropriate tool for torque application.

John’s keen understanding of customer needs has not only helped customers, but has helped Sturtevant Richmont develop new tools to solve unmet customer torque needs.

John’s leadership doesn’t stop with business. He also gives back to the community by coaching and mentoring young athletes with values, strategies, and baseball skills.


Wireless Error-Proofing: Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow.

Sturtevant Richmont pioneered wireless tools back in 1999. Since then, they’ve driven the market with innovation. Sturtevant Richmont National Sales Manager, John Nigro, has spent 19 years in the wireless error-proofing world. During this presentation, he will share his insights on the evolution of wireless error-proofing and offers a glimpse into the future as systems evolve to meet changing customer needs.

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