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Kyle O’Reilly

Director of Sales & Executive Manager

Kyle is the Director of Sales and 1 of 4 Executive Managers at VKS. Currently operating in it's 7th commercial year and in the midst of kicking the "start-up" label; Kyle has played a critical role in helping VKS grow from a company of 4 to nearly 50 employees in 3 different offices.

Kyle's primary focus is overseeing the Sales team and it's day-to-day operations which includes maintaining relationships with customers and partners while also developing new strategies to penetrate & expand VKS' scope into new markets and industries. In doing so, Kyle has helped transform VKS from a start-up to an Industry 4.0 leader with over 300 installations in over 30 countries around the world.

Kyle's scope of the market and manufacturing knowledge stems from years of shop-floor labour while studying in High-School and University. He's been able to transform that knowledge into a product realization which has been a corner stone in the success he has seen in the sales world. Kyle has always believed that is much easier to sell something when you truly understand and believe. The ability for Kyle to wear multiple hats from a young age and positively contribute to key business decisions being made has propelled not only his career, but more important, the product he sells.

VKS is now recognized as a world leader in work instruction software and is wildly known not just within Canada and the US, but all around the world - This is something that brings a strong sense of accomplishment and pride as a grass-routs day 1 member.

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