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Chamberlain LACO Technologies

Paul Chamberlain

President & CEO
LACO Technologies

Paul Chamberlain has a bachelor’s degree in engineering from the University of Utah and is currently serving as President and CEO at LACO Technologies, Inc. He has over 26 years of continuous experience helping customers solve challenging production leak testing problems in a wide variety of industries.

During this time he has designed leak testing instruments, turnkey systems, proprietary processes, and has authored a patented leak testing process. His expertise includes air leak testing methods, all types of helium leak testing methods and technologies, and non-helium tracer gas leak testing processes.

Optimizing Helium Usage and Alternative Test Methods in Production Leak Testing

Helium is the most common tracer gas used for high sensitivity leak testing applications. However, due to world-wide supply issues the cost and availability of helium often fluctuate. In this presentation, we will provide a brief overview of the recent helium supply shortages, address the causes of those shortages, and look forward to what the future of the industry holds. In addition, we will review methods to mitigate helium availability problems including tactics such as reduction in consumption, utilizing alternate tracer gases, reclamation of helium, and leak test methodologies independent of tracer gases. Attendees will gain valuable insights into the successful utilization of helium in their production leak testing processes.

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