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Scott Flood

Scott Flood

Vice President of Sales, USA
KUKA Robotics Corp.

Scott Flood is vice president of Sales USA at KUKA. He is responsible for increasing the company’s brand awareness and growing market share. A results-oriented leader with an extensive background in problem solving in complex environments, Mr. Flood utilizes over 25 years of experience in sales and robotics to develop and execute KUKA’s sales strategy and manage its sales team.

Prior to KUKA, Mr. Flood served as a business unit manager for Comau Robotics, where he oversaw project execution, managing forecasts by validating opportunities and risk. During his time there, he established capture teams and team leaders, as well as frame agreements. Additional duties included providing global price coordination, customer executive reviews and financial reporting to the global manager.


You Can Get a Robot to do That

A fully integrated automated assembly line is a wonder to behold, but it’s not for everyone. Full automation is expensive and can be limiting in terms of the variety of products it can handle. Below a certain production threshold, full automation simply doesn’t make sense economically. Fortunately, a variety of affordable, easy-to-use robots are available to help automate individual processes, such as machine tending, dispensing, welding and assembly. In this session, you’ll learn what processes to target with a robot, how to match a robot to the task, and how to integrate a robot into your line.

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