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Spero Zervos

Spero Zervos

Customer Success Manager

Spero Zervos is a customer success manager at VKS. After spending 8 years in the US ARMY as a UH-60 crew chief and door gunner, Spero worked for L-3 and LSI as an Aviation mechanic. He then started his life in the manufacturing world as a technical writer creating processes for fabrication, machining, assembly, and painting processes. He became a quality advocate and business process auditor and then joined VKS becoming the customer success manager and implementer for companies all around the world.

Transition to Smart Assembly

In today's workforce tribal knowledge, an aging workforce, and lack of proper documentation can lead to heavy losses. Controlling documentation and tracking data using conventional methods is difficult to maintain. VKS provides a solution for all of your needs; whether standard work or SOP creation, data collection and traceability, or full integrations with other systems and tools, VKS provides an all-in-one modular solution to bring your organization into the modern era. In this one hour session we will go over the different capabilities of VKS in order to show the standard of what to look for in a solution. Interested in seeing what VKS can do for you?

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