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Tim Frech

Tim Frech

Senior Engineer

Tim Frech’s expertise is in the areas of microwelding, ultrasonic metal welding, ultrasonic soldering, wire bonding, and resistance welding. He is also experienced in plastics joining, laser welding, and helium leak detection. Tim helps clients select the proper welding process for the application and uses EWI’s laboratories to develop process parameters to ensure a robust welding operation. He has experience in welding of electronic modules, electric vehicle batteries, and medical devices.

Tim holds two U.S. patents in welding process technologies. He led EWI’s work on a Department of Energy-funded program entitled “Enabling the All-aluminum Vehicle,” and another program for development of joining methods for electric vehicle batteries.

Tim is also developing technologies for battery manufacturing and high-reliability electronics. A recent project involved development and deployment of a resistance welding process for replacement of solder joints on a satellite application.


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