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Vikram Bhargava

Society of Plastics Engineers

Vikram Bhargava is a Fellow of the Society of Plastics Engineers and Past Chairman of its Product Design and Development Division. He retired as the Director of Mechanical Engineering Services at Motorola Solutions in Holtsville, NY heading an international group of professionals. He has over 40 years of experience in product design, development, manufacturing and management, especially in plastics.

Vikram continues to be an active consultant and sought-after trainer in his retirement. He has trained thousands of engineers and suppliers in the proper design and manufacturing of plastic parts and assemblies in the US, China, Canada, Taiwan and India including companies like Google, Nvidia, Motorola and Foxconn.

Vikram is the author of a book on Holistic Product Design published recently by Hanser Publishers, Germany. He holds 22 US and International patents. He has successfully led many Six Sigma projects and is a certified Motorola Six Sigma Black Belt and trainer. Vikram has successfully led various cross functional teams in supplier selection, continuous improvement, and training of international suppliers.

He has a BSME from Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, India.

Robust Plastic Product Design

Plastics offer many advantages over metals and are gaining wide acceptance across a variety of industries. However, engineers must give extra attention to how plastics respond to different conditions. For example, almost all plastics will melt and burn before they reach anywhere near the high end of the operating temperature ranges of any metal. In addition, common processes to make metal parts, such as die-casting and stamping, will produce almost no latent defects. On the other hand, plastic parts may have latent defects that are difficult to measure even with highly complex equipment. As a result, designing robust plastic parts requires a holistic approach that encompasses materials, design, tooling and processing. In this presentation, you’ll learn common causes of plastic failure and how to design long-lasting plastic assemblies.

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