Handbook of Manufacturing Engineering, Second Edition - 4 Volume Set

January 2006
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  • Provides the most comprehensive and up-to date coverage of manufacturing engineering available
  • Covers all aspects of manufacturing engineering, from factory development to final product assembly
  • Offers four volumes for maximum portability as well as quick and easy access to focused information



    Today's fast-paced manufacturing culture demands a handbook that provides how-to, no-holds-barred, no-frills information. Completely revised and updated, the Handbook of Manufacturing Engineering, Second Edition is now presented in four volumes. Keeping the same general format as the first edition, this second edition not only provides more information but makes it more accessible. Each individual volume narrows the focus while broadening the coverage, giving you immediate access to the information you need.

    This four-volume set includes:

    Product Design and Factory Development - reveals how human factors affect productivity, cost, and safety in the workplace and why the modern manufacturing engineer must be well versed in these areas to maximize profit and minimize product liability.

    Factory Operations: Planning and Instructional Methods - covers practical cost estimating for manufacturing as well as workflow of production and materials and examines current manufacturing trends.

    Parts Fabrication: Principles and Process - discusses efficient deductive and systematic approaches to machine debugging and product manufacturing techniques while providing a refresher on the principles of structural mechanics.

    Assembly Processes: Finishing, Packaging, and Automation - deals exclusively with the surface finishing and coating of a product, exploring the varied options available for assembly processes, and emphasizes the importance of proper selection.

    The challenges presented by the fiercely technical world in which we live and work are met by the manufacturing engineer. Companies can no longer afford to allow the manufacturing engineer to learn on the job. Therefore, the manufacturing engineer must gain as much knowledge from as many credible sources as possible. Covering the global picture of manufacturing, this handbook shows you how to successfully apply manufacturing engineering skills on the job.

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