Welding: Principles & Practices

July 2011

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This text introduces students to a solid background in the basic principles and practices of welding. It first introduces fundamental theory of the welding process (gas arc, semi-automatic, automatic, and robotic welding) and then provides practice jobs so students develop manipulative skills and technical understanding. Metals and their welding characteristics, safety practices, welding symbols, and the fundamentals of print reading are all covered.

Table of contents

Unit 1: Introduction to Welding and Oxyfuel Chapter 1: History of Welding Chapter 2: Industrial Welding Chapter 3: Steel and Other Metals Chapter 4: Basic Joints and Welds Chapter 5: Gas Welding Chapter 6: Flame Cutting Principles Chapter 7: Flame Cutting Practice: Jobs 7-J1-J3 Chapter 8: Gas Welding Practice: Jobs 8-J1-J38 Chapter 9: Braze Welding and Advanced Gas Welding Practice: Jobs 9-J39-J53 Chapter 10: Soldering and Brazing Principles and Practice: Jobs 10-J54-J55Unit 2: Shielded Metal Arc Welding Chapter 11: Shielded Metal Arc Welding Principles Chapter 12: Shielded Metal Arc Welding Electrodes Chapter 13: Shielded Metal Arc Welding Practice: Jobs 13-J1-J28 Chapter 14: Shielded Metal Arc Welding Practice: Jobs 14-J26-J42 Chapter 15: Shielded Metal Arc Welding Practice: Jobs 15-J43-J55 (Plate) Chapter 16: Pipe Welding and Shielded Metal Arc Welding Practice: Jobs 16-J1-J17 (Pipe) Unit 3: Arc Cutting and Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Chapter 17: Arc Cutting Principle and Arc Cutting Practice: Jobs 17-J1-J7 Chapter 18: Gas Tungsten Arc and Plasma Arc Welding Principles Chapter 19: Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Practice: Jobs 19-J1-J19 (Plate) Chapter 20: Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Practice: Jobs 20-J1-J17 (Pipe) Unit 4: Gas Metal Arc, Flux Cored Arc and Submerged Arc Welding Chapter 21: Gas Metal Arc and Flux Cored Arc Welding Principles Chapter 22: Gas Metal Arc Welding Practice with Solid and Metal Core Wire: Jobs 22 J1-J23 (Plate) Chapter 23: Flux Cored Arc Welding Practice (Plate), Submerged Arc Welding, and Related Processes: Jobs FCAW-G Jobs 22 J1-11, FCAW-S Jobs 22-1-12, SAW 22-1 Chapter 24: Gas Metal Arc Welding Practice: Jobs 22-J1-J15 (Pipe) Unit 5: High Energy Beams, Automation, Robotics, and Weld Shop Management Chapter 25: High Energy Beams and Related Welding and Cutting Process Principles Chapter 26: General Equipment for Welding Shops Chapter 27: Automatic and Robotic Arc Welding Equipment Chapter 28: Joint Design, Testing, and Inspection Chapter 29: Reading Shop Drawings Chapter 30: Welding Symbols Chapter 31: Welding and Bonding of Plastics Chapter 32: Safety AppendixesA: Conversion TablesB: Illustrated Guide to Welding TerminologyC: Welding Abbreviation ListD: Major Agencies Issuing Codes, Specifications, and AssociationsE: Sources of Welding InformationF: Metric Conversion Information for the Welding IndustryGlossaryIndex


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