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Scheugenpflug's custom-tailored system proves that a small footprint and peak performance do not contradict each other - The dispensing cell


The requests of the tier 1 automotive customer were ambitious: They required a fully equipped dispensing and potting cell to be integrated into their production line. The available space amounted to less than one square meter only, however. Scheugenpflug devised the optimal solution. The assignment was to design a cell for the application of a highly viscous and rather abrasive 2C thermal interface material onto automotive control units. Apart from a compact layout (footprint < 1m²), the customer strongly emphasized the need for a cycle time of 9.5 seconds. They additionally requested a large enough dispensing range, the installation of extensive sensor technology for position and quality control as well as the integration of a belt and return conveyor. Immediately adjacent system modules in the production line complicated matters, since they only allowed the cell to be accessed from one side. Small footprint, peak performance The realized cell is based on the standardized system units of the Scheugenpflug modular system. This system is oriented towards the platform strategies of the automotive industry and offers the highest flexibility to users, all the while featuring short delivery times and an attractive price. Even in the case of spatially limited production environments, the modules allow for a custom-tailored and appropriate system design, fit for the respective application. In order to guarantee a smooth integration into the customer’s fully automated production environment, a standard multifunctional CNCell was downscaled to a size of 800 x 1,000 mm (W x D). The operating panel is already included within these dimensions. To achieve the required dispensing range, the rugged portal axis system, which has been designed for high quantities, was rotated by 90°. Not only did this move free up space for the integration of the requested sensor technology but it also allowed for the installation of the belt conveyor for the 240 x 240 mm workpiece carrier. Additional space could be saved by positioning the return conveyor beneath the actual dispensing chamber. The employed operator software UVIS provides a facilitated and intuitive control, while the innovative CAD/CAM interface enables an easy programming of the dispensing contour. Apart from the fully automated scales and the proven needle measurement unit, high process reliability is guaranteed by object sensors for component recognition and position detection. Optimized for abrasive media To be able to meet the requirement of short cycle times, the compact CNCell was equipped with the DosP016 TCA, a piston dispenser specifically optimized for the application of thermally conductive materials. It can apply up to three times faster at consistently high application accuracy.

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