2018 New Product of the Year

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For the first time The ASSEMBLY Show in 2018 offered a New Products Awards program where attendees were able to vote for their favorite new product that was displayed at the Show. Check out the incredible 2018 New Product of the Year nominees and winners below!

Nordson EFD

nordsonEFDTAS New Product Awards 3rdPlaceNOMINEE #1

Collapsible Adhesive Cartridges Reduce Waste

Booth: 531

Film-Pak is a collapsible, film-based cartridge for dispensing two-component adhesives. The cartridge reduces waste by more than 85 percent compared with conventional cartridges for two-component materials.




End-Effector for Collaborative Robots

Booth: 1805

Pneu-Connect is a pneumatic end-effector for collaborative robots from Universal Robots. The device connects to the robot via on-board directional control valves, so installation only requires a single air line and the tool port of the robot. The package includes the end-effector, a cuff that connects to the robot arm, and operating software specifically for Universal’s robots.


hoosier feeder

hoosierfeederNOMINEE #3

Heavy-Duty Centrifugal Feeder

Booth: 1821

Centrifugal feeders are not typically known for their ability to withstand heavy, hard or sharp parts. The new Heavy-Duty Centrifugal Feeder can. The inner disc is supported near the circumference to prevent deflection. A discharge conveyor replaces the typical “tub” reaching into the bowl, following the inner circumference. It receives parts from the disc and elevates them to the desired discharge height.



simplestakeNOMINEE #4

Plastic Staking System Ensures Consistency

Booth: 1443

The SimpleStake system creates consistent heat on-demand for staking plastic bosses of all shapes and sizes. “Heat-on-demand” process control is ideal for assembling sensitive electronics and parts that are susceptible to excessive heating and pressure damage. Impulse staking technology prevents stringing or sticking. The process can stake bosses at intervals of less than 0.5 inch center to center, which no other staking method can do.




Screws Prevent Fastening Errors

Booth: 1821

HIOS Intrtorque is a new screw and bit combination. While hexalobular bits are traditionally flat, the HIOS Intrtorque bit has a tapered end. The bit glides into the recess of the screw and prevents any unnecessary movements or wobbling upon engagement. It also means that the operator does not need to hold the screw while fastening. The system prevents fastening errors and can reduce the time needed for fastening by up to 40 percent.


cincinnati test

cincinnatitestsystemsTAS New Product Awards 1stPlaceNOMINEE #6

System Collects Leak Testing Data

Booth: 813

Cincinnati Test Systems and Sciemetric have introduced a new product that aggregates data from multiple leak test instruments into an analytics database for real-time usage. The QualityWorX CTS DataHub helps engineers find answers to the causes of leak defects and helps optimize leak tests to meet quality and yield objectives. The system allows engineers to monitor all processes on the assembly line to identify defects as they occur, so they can be resolved quickly and cost-effectively.



visumaticNOMINEE #7

Collaborative Robot Screwdriving System

Booth: 1239

Visumatic has launched the VCM-3X.2 collaborative robot module for automatic screwdriving. It includes an automatic screwfeeder, drive system, skeleton robot program, and an end-effector for mounting directly to the wrist of a collaborative robot. The lightweight tooling allows the robot to move at maximum speed without sacrificing collaborative safeguards. It incorporates Visumatic’s field-proven bit-advance assembly with dual-powered motion for precise, controlled fastener installation. Slide position sensors confirm advancement and retraction of the bit, reporting to the robot controller that it is OK to move when the bit reaches the home position. This ensures a repeatable joining operation.


origin technologies

OriginTechnologies LaserGagueNOMINEE #8

Gap and Flush Measurement System

Booth: 1223

The LaserGauge system accurately inspects and measures gaps and flushness on translucent, shiny or opaque surfaces around vehicle headlights, taillights, windows and chrome while the car is advancing on a moving assembly line. A Cross- Vector sensor uses multiple lasers and multiple views at crossing angles to see around radius edges, resulting in a complete surface profile. Virtual gauges are configured for each measurement point, and specification limits are defined for each returned value. The system’s HS763 sensor incorporates blue lasers for translucent surfaces and red lasers for the solid body panel features.



kukaNOMINEE #9

Collaborative Robot Responds to Change

Booth: 753

The LBR iisy is a collaborative industrial robot for use in dynamic work environments previously untenable for automation. It can be quickly integrated into automated production lines, and programmed for numerous assembly and testing tasks, such as loading or unloading machines. The cobot excels in unstructured work environments with volatile conditions. In the event of unplanned interruptions, the robot remembers every motion or activity it executed and can resume working without the need to be retaught.



PromessNOMINEE #10

Electromechanical Platen Press

Booth: 305

Promess Inc. introduces a new servo-controlled Electromechanical Platen Press. The press is designed for assembly and material preparation applications in battery manufacturing, aerospace component production and similar areas requiring precise application of high force over a large area. The machine uses multiple electromechanical assembly presses to move the platen and apply the specified force. A multiaxis controller enables “joined-axis” control of the presses. The controller monitors both the force and position of each press and makes adjustments in real-time to provide uniform downward motion and pressure during the entire pressing cycle.



schunkNOMINEE #11

Rotary Actuator Simplifies Automation

Booth: 105

The ERP electric rotary actuator simplifies the process of commissioning automated assembly systems. The 24-volt component is simply connected to the control unit via digital I/O; the angle of rotation is defined via the end stops (90 degrees or 180 degrees); and if necessary, the end position is fine-tuned mechanically (±5 degrees). Everything else is learned through the integrated auto-learn technology. Three to five rotary movements are enough to complete the programming. Depending on the angle of rotation and the weight of the swivel body, the direct-drive rotary unit accelerates and brakes automatically. This eliminates the need to constantly adjust throttles and change shock absorbers, as in the case of pneumatic rotary actuators.



DEPRAGTAS New Product Awards 2ndPlaceNOMINEE #12

Automated System Installs Flow-Drill Screws

Booth: 631

Adaptive DFS from DEPRAG Inc. automatically installs flow-drill screws. Servo control ensures complete, adaptive adjustment of every variable of the process, including driver speed, torque, angle, axial force and fastener depth. The system allows installation of the screws from both the top and the bottom of the assembly. The feedstroke and control modules are protected against debris generated during fastener installation. Fasteners can be fed via compressed air line or a magazine. The system can be integrated with a variety of robots.