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Baltec Presents "ELECTRIC" the Electro-Mechanical Module for Riveting, Joining and Cold Forming

At this year's ASSEMBLY Show Baltec will introduce the ELECTRIC ER series electrical riveter. BalTec's core competence is to provide solutions for joining of components. While applying the radial forming method, in combination with linear motion to and from the work piece and integrated rotational drive, the radial & orbital riveting technique is revolutionized. The technology of electro-mechanical servo presses has been transferred to this particular joining and forming method. It allows producing permanent mechanical connections with the highest speed and precision.

The electromechanical riveting and forming module offers to users the following benefits, as compared to conventional products: - Lower energy and maintenance costs due to the purely electromechanical drive - Thanks to the slim design, more compact systems can be built and thus capital costs can be reduced - The production output is significantly increased thanks to dynamic feed and rotation speed as well as flexible programming of the motion profile - The process-integrated quality assurance allows early detection of faults - Process data can be stored in a customer-specific manner to ensure complete traceability. - The process head has been designed to be interchangeable so that different processes (radial riveting, orbital riveting, roller forming and, joining) can be accommodated with the same basic unit. The ELECTRIC has a stroke of up to 100 mm and a maximum linear speed of up to 140 mm / sec. The drive for the rotary movement can be variably adjusted up to a speed of 3000 rpm and is designed for a forming force of 3 to 15 kN. The flexibility allows programming of individual forming profiles. Sensors for monitoring stroke, force and temperature are integrated in the unit. The logic and safety modules, the motor drives as well as the common interfaces Ethernet / IP- & USP are installed in the control package. This ensures today's industrial standard with remote maintenance and readiness for INDUSTRY 4.0. The basic package includes the electromechanical unit with control cabinet as well as the specially developed HPPi software. The software works on any Windows 10 PC. As an option, a 10.4 inch PC monitor with preinstalled software is also available. Different configurations - whether modular and compact as a unit, ideal for integration into automated lines, or as a stand-alone working cell (CE) - are available as standard configurations.

The core competence of the BalTec Group, headquartered in Pfäffikon (Zurich), is the production of machines for joining technology - especially for radial riveting technology, but also for orbital riveting, roller forming and joining. In 1968, BalTec, then known as Bräcker, introduced the radial riveting technology in various industries. Today, the company is the world's leading company in joining technology and has its own locations in Switzerland, Germany, USA, UK, France, Brazil and China with over 40,000 BalTec riveting machines installed.