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Box Latch™ Products Debut B2B Sustainable Supply Chain Solutions at TAS

Many U.S. based corporations along with their global counterparts over the last five to seven years have put programs in place to reduce waste and increase re-use of materials while striving to meet rigorous zero waste business goals.  Corporations with global supply chain footprints are constantly seeking opportunities to better integrate their operations across facilities, distribution centers and geographical regions.  Box Latch™ Products offer an innovative low technology solution to address contemporary sustainable business issues associated with waste management, supply chain sustainability, lean manufacturing and employee health/safety. Each of these can generate production and operational cost savings. <hr id="system-readmore" />Box Latch™ Products are a Re-Usable alternative to tape, staples and bands that have traditionally been used to close cardboard boxes. Mr. James Wilson, Chief Executive and Export Officer of Box Latch ™ Products further explains, “We have received incredible feedback from operations and supply chain managers who have implemented the Box Latch™ technology.  They have seen reductions in material costs (corrugated box and tape expense) by anywhere from 10% to 90% following integration of our product into their supply chains.”  Wilson further explains, “90% of all cardboard boxes are used only once. That means that there are a lot of opportunities for our Box Latch™ inventions to ‘disrupt’ the marketplace and provide corporations with expanded opportunities to Re-Use their boxes.”
Ms. Lisa Geason-Bauer, Chief Communications and Sustainability Officer for Box Latch™ Products further states, “Box Latch™ Products are a cost effective, low-tech invention that are delivering significant triple bottom line benefits for our customers.  Today, corporations are looking for innovative strategies to reduce waste as they implement circular economy solutions within their packaging, manufacturing, logistics, and/or transportation systems.  The patented recycled Box Latch™ Large and Medium products work incredibly well as companies seek circular economy solutions tied to waste reduction.”
The Box Latch™ Products Marketplace:
The Box Latch™ business strategy is a global one with particular emphasis on North American and European Union B2B manufacturing, fulfillment (pick and pack) and distribution centers.  Box Latch™ Products have successfully been incorporated into closed loop systems, work-in-process (WIP) and parts inventory storage operations.  Manufacturers and assemblers working within an integrated supply chain have also found great success with the adoption of Box Latch™ Products when assembling partial components that are boxed and transported within a closed loop between different parts of the supply chain system.
In addition Box Latch™ Products have been used in the medical and research laboratory settings as well as in business and homes officers.  They are handy inventions that allow users to quickly close and re-open boxes without damaging them.
Industries Using Box Latch™ Products:
•    Automotive
•    Automation Technology
•    Diversified Industries
•    Manufacturing
•    Medtech
•    Moving and Storage
•    Process and Industrial Products
•    Retail and Consumer  
•    Transportation and Logistics
•    Wholesale and Distribution
•    Packaging
Box Latch™ Products are a Mission-based corporation:
As a certified B Corporation™ we seek to encourage a corporate culture of corrugated box Re-Use, by way of our cost effective Re-Usable box closure devices.  Our challenge however, is to demonstrate to the business world that they, too, can create a “Re-Use cycle” within their operations, as opposed to thinking that recycling is the only or best solution to corrugated cardboard box waste.
Box Latch™ Products seek to educate and lead the adoption of a corrugated box  "Re-Use" mentality within the manufacturing, distribution, storage, transportation and fulfillment facilities of corporations around the world. Mr. Wilson adds, “We believe that business should be a force for positive good in the world. As such, we want and expect the purchasers of our products to realize triple bottom line (corporate social responsibility, environmental stewardship and economic viability) benefits from their purchases.
Box Latch™ Products Offer Financial and Environmental Savings:

For every ton of cardboard (1,500 – 2,000 boxes) that is Re-Used, we can save:

•    nine cubic yards of landfill,
•    380 gallons of oil,
•    4,000 kilowatts of energy,
•    7,000 gallons of water and
•    17 trees – saving
•    64% of the energy
•    58% of the water,
•    while eliminating 60 lbs. of air pollution.

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