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New entry-level solution for the bubble-free feed of paste-like, unfilled potting media from 20 liter standard containers: The A220 Basic


When dispensing high viscosity adhesives or sealants, one has to consider custom system technology for high quality dispensing results. Scheugenpflug offers a new entry-level solution for the bubble-free feed of paste-like, unfilled potting media from 20 liter standard containers: the A220 Basic. The compact system supports the user with a fault-free and fast feeding process. It is also characterized by its facilitated operation and an attractive price-performance ratio. From adhesive bonding to dam and fill to the application of liquid seals: There are numerous applications in which extremely paste-like dispensing media are used. Due to their high viscosity, these media often pose a challenge for industrial production processes. In order to achieve optimal dispensing results and to prevent downtimes, custom system technology must be considered. There is a new entry-level solution for the bubble-free feed of highly viscous and non-abrasive dispensing media: the A220 Basic by Scheugenpflug. It mainly excels through an easy operation as well as an attractive price-performance ratio. When it comes to process reliability, the compact system is in no way inferior to its big sister systems. Controller facilitates maintenance and analysis tasks The functions of the A220 Basic are purely oriented towards a stable and process reliable material feed. Docking the pump to the 20 liter standard container is handled manually via a two-hand circuit and can be monitored with a visual check via a pressure gauge. The patented vacuum follower plate guarantees a clean and bubble-free docking process. It is made of polypropylene (PP) and is disposed of along with the empty container after the feeding process, which prevents the introduction of residual material into the new drum. The integrated reciprocating pump provides a reliable and continuous material supply, as material is fed during both the upward and downward stroke. The A220 Basic features a filling level control unit and an electro-pneumatic pressure control unit, the latter of which eliminates elaborate readjustments to the feeding pressure by the operator. Both control units contribute to the high process reliability of the new feeding system. The A220 Basic is operated via the proven Scheugenpflug SCP200 controller, which not only facilitates monitoring, maintenance and analysis tasks but also ensures an economical and fault-free feeding process. Scheugenpflug is a leading manufacturer of precision engineered systems and machines for efficient adhesive bonding, dispensing and potting processes. The product and technology range extends from cutting-edge material preparation and feeding units and high performance manual work stations to modular in-line and automation solutions, specially tailored to customer specifications. Scheugenpflug systems are used in the automotive and electronics industries as well as the telecommunications sector, medical technology and the chemical industry.

For more information, contact: Scheugenpflug Inc 975 Cobb Place Boulevard Ste 218 30144 Kennesaw Phone: +1 770 218 0835 Web: E-mail:

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