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Successful adhesive bonding with the powder coating process

It is a common misconception among fabricators that bonding with adhesives before powder coating is not possible due to the high temperatures used in the process, causing concerns about the possible degradation of the cured adhesive.


However, LORD® 400, Maxlok™, and 800 series acrylic adhesives will not degrade at the higher temperatures associated with powder coating. They have excellent heat resistance characteristics up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit for up to 90 minutes, giving fabricators an alternative to welding and fastening as the only solutions. Using acrylic adhesives are also advantageous by improving throughput, reducing bottlenecks and eliminating the need to repair, grind or fill welds. They also can help reduce corrosion caused by welds and provide an aesthetic advantage with assemblies, allowing several joints to be bonded together and undergo the powder coating process without rework. The integrity of the bond will remain unchanged after powder coating, and greater strength is often seen after exposure to heat once an assembly has been returned to ambient temperature. When an assembly or toolbox is mounted on a truck body, aesthetics are important. This means mounting a toolbox that is straight and clean and having body panels without any deformation, warpage or weld scars. If an assembly is attached via welding, bodywork such as the use of body filler to create a smooth surface and straighten out dents, must be done after welding before it is installed on a truck chassis. Although LORD acrylic adhesives will not degrade at the higher temperatures associated with powder coating, it is important to note that the hot tear strengths will be very low and cause the assembly to possibly sag and slide apart, especially if an assembly is heavy. The lower strength values make it essential that an assembly is properly fixtured or placed to avoid slippage of the bonded pieces and is not bonded under stress. When proper procedures are followed for acrylic adhesive bonding, it can be done in conjunction with powder coating and provide a superior, reliable and efficient alternative to welding or fastening assemblies. Join us and learn more about successful bonding with adhesives can be accomplished before powder coating in Booth 942 at the ASSEMBLY Show, Oct. 24-28 in Rosemont, Ill.

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