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Multipress Expands its Production Capabilities with the help of Sister Company Pacific Press Technologies

In order to better accommodate its growing business, Multipress is undergoing some exciting business upgrades related to its sales, engineering and production operations as of May 2018.


Multipress will leverage support from its Chicago based owner, Right Lane Industries and its close relationship with its sister company Pacific Press Technologies of Mt. Carmel, IL to complete these business upgrades designed to promote efficiency within the company, maintain highly competitive pricing, and top-notch customer service. “We are very excited about the opportunity to work on growing our business and positioning it to best serve our customers for decades to come” said Multipress President Barney Raye. The long time and highly respected provider of precision hydraulic press equipment will be relocating its sales and engineering operations from the outskirts of Columbus to a modern facility in the growing downtown area of the city. The new, larger space will help accommodate recent engineering additions to the team, which have been added as business continues to hold strong across a variety of different industries. While Multipress offers several standard model bench, C-frame and 4-post presses, the company has seen a large uptick in customized solutions in recent years. “We understand that businesses today have to go above and beyond to maintain a strong foothold in today’s competitive market. Multipress is committed to working with each client to design a customized solution that meets their needs and helps their business compete in the global marketplace” said Raye. Multipress’ new sales and engineering offices are among the many exciting steps being taken to sustain its growing business. On the production side, Multipress has made the strategic decision to move all of its manufacturing operations to its sister company, Pacific Press Technologies. Just a few hours from Columbus, Pacific Press boasts a 130,000 square foot facility in southern Illinois. The Pacific Press facility is currently used for all aspects of Pacific’s business, which focuses on press brakes, shears and larger sized hydraulic presses. Pacific Press has been assisting Multipress with some of its larger machine builds when its former production facility was at capacity. With existing experience building Multipress machinery, a large factory footprint, similarities in product lines, and skilled in-house fabrication and assembly technicians, Multipress is eager to transition the production side of its business to the Pacific Press location. Moving Multipress’ production to Pacific Press will not only increase its production capacity and ensure continued high quality machinery, it will also help Multipress maintain market competitive pricing for its customers by taking advantage of synergies between the two businesses. The existing Pacific Press Technologies infrastructure will not only promote efficient production of Multipress equipment, it will also help ensure prompt, high quality service amongst its customers. With the knowledge that uptime is the highest priority for any machine user, Pacific Press currently employs a knowledgeable team of service technicians that are always available at a moment’s notice. Whether they are required for scheduled preventative maintenance or sudden repairs, Pacific’s team of service techs has the experience in hydraulics and press equipment to effectively service both Pacific Press and Multipress clientele.

About Multipress- For more than 80 years, Multipress (formally known as Denison) has been the most trusted provider of bench, C-frame and 4-post hydraulic press equipment. Multipress equipment is renowned for its precision and durability, and is trusted amongst thousands of businesses across North America and abroad to serve in the production of a wide variety of products and applications. Multipress invites you to contact their sales department with inquiries on how its experienced team can help your business grow. For more information on Multipress equipment, contact About Pacific Press Technologies- Pacific Press Technologies is a 70-year-old, Illinois-based metal-forming equipment manufacturer and service provider. The company offers a range of rugged and reliable hydraulic press brakes, presses, and shears that allow customers to take on even the toughest metal fabrication jobs that demand precision tolerances. The company’s core competency is its people who have created a culture of partnership. The approach over the past 70 years has always been working with its customers to understand their problems and goals, and then utilizing their technical knowledge and experience to create solutions that promote efficiency, maximize up-time and achieve a return on investment. For more information on equipment from Pacific Press Technologies, contact About Right Lane Industries- Right Lane Industries is an industrial holding company offering a permanent home to industrial businesses that have been orphaned inside larger companies, or whose retiring shareholders want to ensure that the businesses they spent their careers building end up in the hands of investors who share their values. Our transactions provide liquidity for owners, capital for growth and acquisitions, and significant opportunities for employees of all levels– all while navigating the cultural, family, and business issues faced by small company owners and managers. For more information on Right Lane Industries, visit
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