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Global System Integrator, Lyric Robot, Chooses the 2018 ASSEMBLY Show to Announce North American Expansion

Reshoring Draws China-based Global Factory Automation Firm to North America

ROSEMONT, IL, October 23, 2018 - Reshoring is a hot topic in the US. The idea of manufacturing lines being brought to US manufacturing sites by US companies that have off-shore manufacturing is exciting. We must remember that all of the equipment being brought to the US is not being "reshored". Some of this equipment will be sophisticated machines designed, developed and fabricated in China. Many Americans imagine manufacturing facilities in China to be large facilities filled with manual labor, and while this indeed can be found, there has been a long running evolution of automated manufacturing in China. Most Americans are unaware that precision manufacturing on the scale of manufacturing found in China makes it one of the worlds most challenging and sophisticated automation markets. As US firms begin to reshore, they will be bringing manufacturing lines to the US. This lines will often be sophisticated factory automation and robotics systems, and due to Lyric Robot's marketshare in China, they will most likely be bringing equipment

Lyric Robot has been in the thick of the growth of the factory automation and robotics integration market for more than a decade. Growing to an organization of more than a 1000 people. Its focus has been automation for Western companies with manufacturing facilities in China, so it is unusual in Asia to have a strong focus on both software and R&D related to advances manufacturing technologies. One sign of this is that 70% of its work force has a bachelors degree or higher.

Designing and fabricating a system in China and shipping to Germany, North America and other countries requires a dedication to cross cultural communication, an aptitude for software and a focus on "design for transport" as Factory Acceptance Tests are done near Shenzshen and Site Acceptance Tests are conducted a continent away.

With manual labor available for under $5 per hour, automation systems must be designed and built with great efficiency.  Lyric Robot uses 3D simulation and advanced software to achieve a competitive edge in China. That success has leads to an advantage of scale. This combination of efficiency and scale is leading Lyric Robot to larger international projects and thus its announcement of a new office in Southern California and plans for expansion to support customers across North America.  In addition to the automation for smoke alarms and auto components, Lyric Robot has made a special name for itself in China regarding the automation of battery manufacturing, and there is a growing need for scale in battery manufacturing.

Lyric Robot chose to make its presence in North America through a booth at the 2018 Assembly Show because after exhaustive research it found no better venue for such an announcement. The Assembly Show Pre-Show Workshop topics of Automated Assembly Systems and Robotic Assembly are confirmation that it is the correct venue for any factory automation and robotics oriented firm to have a presence and make such an announcement. Lyric Robot has opened its North American headquarters in Chino, CA and has sales offices in Jacksonville, Florida and Toronto, Canada

ABOUT LYRIC ROBOT: Lyric Robot's headquarter located in Guangdong, China and total of 1,287 employees are in global wide, with the R&D center and manufacturing base covering areas of 300,000 square meters. Additionally, sales offices and service centers are located at California and Florida in USA, Toronto in Canada, Schaffhausen in Switzerland, Aschaffenburg in Germany, Suwon in Korea. Our products have been exported to Germany, Britain, United States, Canada, Japan, Turkey and Thailand for many years and main customers are top 5 in their respective industries.


For Further Information, Contact:
Everette Phillips, Director North America
888-979-5788 Ext 103 (office) or 949-533-8624 (cell)

John Kim, North America Director of Sales & Marketing
888-979-5788 Ext 101 (office) or 909-732-8040 (cell)