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Industrie 4.0 Mechatronic Components From The Zimmer Group

The cornerstones of Zimmer Group's Industry 4.0 success. Be part of the Revolution!

Zimmer Group has consistently and successfully oriented their mechatronic component portfolio towards Industry 4.0. These range from electric grippers for standard applications to motor spindles for chipping wood, plastic and metal, to high end products, such as high performance grippers with hybrid pneumatic-electric drives and a complete Human-Robot-Collaboration (HRC) kit. This mechatronic intelligent component portfolio forms the foundation. This basic package offers a wide range of advantages. In contrast to conventional components, it enables very easy installation, commissioning, configuration and operation. Furthermore, advanced diagnostics, simplified preventive maintenance and, where required, interchange-ability of the respective component during running is possible.


Another cornerstone of success is the digital twin. This real time simulation, connected to a real or virtual control system, leads to improved coordination between robot control system and the planned system during the planning, development and commissioning stages. The control system program, system design and processes can be optimally coordinated to each other. The digital twin also offers simple, uncomplicated programming and commissioning, which shortens commissioning periods by up to 80% and enables a faster start of production. Another major advantage is error-free and reliable operation right from the start thanks to optimized training for operating personnel. The digital twin allows for simplified optimization during running operation, higher production availability / lower downtimes and an appreciable reduction in maintenance costs.

The third cornerstone of success is the Zimmer Group Human Machine Interface (HMI), which provides easy integration of components into the respective robot control systems of intelligent Zimmer Group components and components from third party manufacturers. The most important benefit of the Zimmer Group HMI is its easy and intuitive installation and operation, since the technical parameters of the component can be easily defined, modified and graphically displayed. Intelligent components can be easily integrated into the robot control system.


About the Zimmer Group: Zimmer Group is a family-owned, German manufacturer of precision-quality components in six major technologies: Handling-, Damping-, Linear-, Process-, Machine tooling- and System Technology. More than 30 years' experience and innovation make it one of the worldwide leading manufacturers and providers of high-precision industrial components offering sales, service, and support throughout the United States and Mexico. Zimmer Group is among the leading manufacturers in the automation industry providing grippers, tool changers, crash protection, robot accessories and also complete end of arm turnkey gripper systems. As part of our motion control lineup, we manufacture shock absorbers, clamps and brakes for linear rail, and profile dampers. Visit us at and ASSEMBLY SHOW booth #1023.

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