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BoxLatch™ Products Impart Cartons with Superpowers


We patent, manufacture in the USA, and sell a family of simple, reusable, “I wish I had invented these,” products used around the world. All of them save time, money and provide environmental benefits. The new one is called the Clip & Stack. No tape or bands needed to hold flaps down, open and out of the way. Insert one, two or four in seconds depending on need. Usage allows contents to be inserted or removed without flap interference. Provides the rare option to stack open boxes and save floorspace. Enhances visibility so that deep boxes can be filled with additional contents to save space during shipping. Prevents workers from tripping over open flaps on floors and/or flap injuries to eyes and body parts while on conveyors or stored on open racks. Makes reusable totes out of cardboard boxes, replacing plastics at a fraction of the cost. Nearly indestructible. Available in different materials and colors based on the need for flap holding power and desire for color coordinated visibility in workspaces. The C & S and all our products hold flaps open or closed temporarily without the use of tape. Security during shipping is provided via stretch wrapping pallets or placing cartons in containers.

BoxLatch™ Products made by Eco Latch Systems, LLC.

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