Assembly Show South - April 4-6, 2023 | Music City Center - Nashville, TN
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Member Spotlight: The ASSEMBLY Show South


Nashville, TN- What is The ASSEMBLY Show South and what should we know about it?

The ASSEMBLY Show South is a trade show that will bring together suppliers, buyers, and users of assembly equipment in the Southern U.S. Engineers come the show to discover new assembly technology, equipment, and products, learn about new assembly practices, and connect with fellow manufacturing professionals.

Manufacturing in the Southern U.S. is thriving, and The ASSEMBLY Show South will take place at the heart of a major growth center. As the region continues to see massive investments, this vital new event will connect southern manufacturing professionals with a network of top-tier suppliers and cutting-edge subject matter experts on an array of topics.

The ASSEMBLY Show South is produced by ASSEMBLY, a monthly eMagazine read by engineers and managers responsible for manufacturing and designing cars, computers, catheters, coffee makers, and everything in between. ASSEMBLY serves the multi-billion dollar assembly market and has been since 1958, covering the processes, technologies, and strategies for assembling discrete parts into finished products. For more information about The ASSEMBLY Show South, visit

What is unique about your business that makes you stand out?

Some brands focus on specific manufacturing industries, such as automotive or aerospace. Other brands focus on specific manufacturing processes, such as machining or molding. ASSEMBLY is the only brand dedicated exclusively to the processes, strategies and technologies for assembling parts into finished products. Whether companies assemble large products in small volumes or small products in large volumes, ASSEMBLY provides the critical information they need to reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve quality.

Similarly, The ASSEMBLY Show South is dedicated exclusively to assembly technology. Manufacturing professionals come to our show to see firsthand the latest robots, fastening tools, conveyors, adhesive dispensing equipment, and other products. If you need to ensure that every nut and bolt has been installed correctly in your product, you’ll find an answer at The ASSEMBLY Show South. If you need a high-speed automated line to assemble 1 million syringes annually, you’ll get help at The ASSEMBLY Show South.

What’s your biggest goal for your company this year?

We want to boost our presence in the South. There’s no question that U.S. manufacturing is shifting from the Midwest to the South. Indeed, every automotive OEM—Ford, GM, Nissan, Toyota, Volkswagen, BMW, Honda, Hyundai, Kia and Mercedes—now operates an assembly plant within a 300-mile radius of Nashville. That’s 19 assembly plants, total. That doesn’t include a raft of electric vehicle start-ups, like Rivian, which is building a new assembly plant just outside of Atlanta to make electric pickups and SUVs, nor does it include Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers. For example, Faurecia alone operates eight assembly plants within 300 miles of Nashville. Denso Automotive operates six factories, and Lear Corp. runs four.

The automotive industry is not the only industry embracing southern hospitality. Dozens of manufacturers in the appliance, aerospace, electrical, electronics, new energy, and medical device sectors have also set up shop in the region. For example, within 150 miles of Nashville, there are at least eight major appliance plants, five aerospace plants, and three tractor factories.

The South is also a region where manufacturers are looking for innovative technology. Five winners of our annual Assembly Plant of the Year Award are located with 300 miles of Nashville: Batesville Casket in Manchester, TN; GE Appliances in Decatur, AL; Lear Corp. in Montgomery, AL; Murakami Manufacturing in Campbellsville, KY; and Schneider Electric in Lexington, KY. The latter was recently named an international “lighthouse facility” for both smart manufacturing and sustainable manufacturing.

What’s your best piece of advice for other business owners and exhibit shows organizers?

Now, more than ever, businesses find it challenging to get in front of buyers or decision-makers. In addition to providing visibility and credibility to your company, trade shows provide an excellent opportunity to get face-to-face with existing and prospective customers. By offering a free drayage package at The ASSEMBLY Show South, we incentivize and encourage our exhibiting firms to bring their newest and biggest equipment and machinery for display so that attendees can interact with it in-person and compare with other suppliers right on the show floor. Often, attendees will bring parts they need to assemble with them to the show, so having knowledgeable staff to answer questions and provide solutions is a must!

How do you stay involved with your customers and clients?

The core mission of BNP Media, the parent company of ASSEMBLY and The ASSEMBLY Show South, is to “help people succeed in business with superior information.” Whether a small meeting or a large trade show, our goal is deliver a top-notch learning experience, provide numerous opportunities for networking and making connections, share new resources and the latest trends and technologies, and most of all, create an overall experience that will help our customers succeed.