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Bimba features T-bot Robot at booth 1842 in Assembly Show

Bimba’s IntelliAxis® T-Bot Robot employs 2-axis linear motion control and a unique single belt transport system that serpentines around the X and Z axes. IntelliAxis eliminates the need for a motor in the Z-axis while using two coordinated motors in the X-axis. These configurations coordinate control for complex motions such as circles, ellipses, and sine waves.
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RoboFill 4.0 – Robot- and Gripper-Assisted Filling Concept for Customized Bottle Supply

Trending toward customization

The trend toward customization and personalization of mass products is showing no signs of slowing down. In addition to the automotive and pharmaceutical industries, this trend is gaining traction in food production. In the course of this mass customization, one of the primary challenges of this development with respect to personalized production currently lies in the fact that the consumer world is so closely connected to the world of production.

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Industrie 4.0 Mechatronic Components From The Zimmer Group

The cornerstones of Zimmer Group's Industry 4.0 success. Be part of the Revolution!

Zimmer Group has consistently and successfully oriented their mechatronic component portfolio towards Industry 4.0. These range from electric grippers for standard applications to motor spindles for chipping wood, plastic and metal, to high end products, such as high performance grippers with hybrid pneumatic-electric drives and a complete Human-Robot-Collaboration (HRC) kit.

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Powerful Industry 4.0 Manufacturing Software; Organize, Control & Enforce every Detail of your Processes

Enforcer® Smart Manufacturing Software gives your process engineers all the tools to digitally transform your factory and realize the benefits of an organized, traceable and controlled process. You do not need a new Industry 4.0 software department because no programming is needed. Your experienced process engineers can use the configurable software to inject their valuable process knowledge into your new digitally enforced production process.

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