New Product of the Year Awards

New Product Awards

Vote for Product of the Year during The ASSEMBLY Show

Hundreds of exhibitors will be displaying the latest products and services at the 9th annual ASSEMBLY Show. Fasteners, power tools, adhesives, dispensing equipment, conveyors, robots, software, and, of course, automated assembly systems are among the myriad new products this year.

To help draw attention to the breadth and quality of new technologies, we're holding the 3rd annual “Product of the Year” contest, and you—the attendees—will be the judges. A total of 20 products will be nominated across five categories that we think are particularly innovative. All you have to do is vote for your favorite when you attend the 2021 event. Winners in each category will be announced Thursday, Oct. 28, 2021.

2021 Nominees will be announced in August. For now, check out the 2019 winners in each category:


Category #1: Assembly Machines & Systems



Linear-Motor Conveyance System for High-Speed Assembly

Booth: 313

The SuperTrak Micro is a linear-motor-based conveyance platform that enables the creation of flexible and high-speed production systems. Its unique merge-and-divert technology allows manufacturers to fundamentally change the way an automation cell is designed. Built on the SuperTrak Gen3 foundation, the platform combines individual shuttle control with high-speed sort-and-divert capability. With payload of 1.5 kilograms per carrier and a part spacing as low as 50 millimeters, this platform is ideal for small-part assembly. Modular components within the platform let designers configure a process before determining the final product, making it perfectly suited to high-mix applications. The platform is versatile enough for manufacturers to adapt to market conditions and meet customer demands—whether the task is to build 1 million batches of one, or one batch of 1 million.

ATS Automation Systems Inc.,, 519-653-6500

Category #2: Adhesives, Dispensing & Curing


ReMixers2019 WINNER

3D Printed Disposable Mixing Nozzle

Booth: 2150

Re Mixer I is a disposable mixing nozzle that mixes two-part adhesives in less than half the length of existing options. This means half the adhesive waste, increased operator dexterity, and greater positional accuracy in automated meter-mix systems. The mixer is produced with advanced 3D printing technology. Recursive computer simulation was employed to derive its unique shape.

Re Mixers Inc.,, 847-340-7103

Category #3: Fastening Tools


Desoutter2019 WINNER

One-Handed Nutrunner

Booth: 331

The EABS right-angle nutrunner enables an assembler to tighten fasteners in cramped spaces with one hand, so he can use the free hand to support himself or hold other components out of the way. For greater versatility and comfort, the tool is battery powered, ergonomically designed and weighs just 2 pounds. It is 11 inches long, tightens fasteners up to 24 newton-meters and can run at more than 1,000 rpm. To further boost productivity, the nutrunner can be paired with the company’s wireless Connect smart hub for applications where traceability is essential. Pairs in seconds.

Desoutter Industrial Tools,, 877-224-7377

Category #4: Robotics


Epson Robots2019 WINNER

Six-Axis Robot

Booth: 431

Economical and easy to install, the VT6L six-axis robot is ideal for a wide range of simple parts-transfer applications. These include machine-tool and injection molding loading and unloading, pick-and-place, dispensing and assembly projects. The robot’s built-in controller saves on valuable factory space, while its SlimLine design features a compact wrist pitch that enables access to hard-to-reach areas in confined spaces. In addition, the robot has a reach up to 900 millimeters, a payload up to 6 kilograms and a hollow end-of-arm for simplified cabling and versatile tooling. The robot works off 110- or 220-volt power, installs in minutes and its encoder requires no battery, reducing the overall cost of ownership. Integrated vision guidance is optional.

EPSON Robots,, 562-290-5930

Category #5: Factory of the Future


proglove2019 WINNER

Wearable Bar Code Scanners

Booth: 2100

MARK Basic and MARK Standard Range are work gloves equipped with matchbook-sized bar code scanners. Because workers don’t have to constantly pick up and put down handheld scanners, the gloves save up to 4 seconds per scan. MARK Basic has a scanning range of 5 feet. It can be quickly hooked up to a corporate network via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and comes with a “worker feedback” option. Through optic, acoustic and haptic alerts, workers know immediately if they have picked the right item. The device can scan 3,000 codes per charge. The MARK Standard Range lets users scan bar codes at a distance of up to 32 inches. It can scan 6,000 codes per charge. It is ideal for high-frequency scanning environments, such as assembly lines.

ProGlove,, +49-151-4214633


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