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Curatas Wrench Control Launch

Crane Electronics releases brand new suite of software designed to enhance manufacturing processes

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Nashville, TN- The first of Crane’s Curatas range to be released is Curatas Wrench Control, a software solution specifically created to compliment Crane’s digital torque wrenches and TCI lineside controllers

Built to ensure production is as seamless as possible, Curatas Wrench Control allows manufacturing leads to set up a user-friendly visual sequence of actions that an operator can then easily follow to successfully complete part or full assembly.

Speaking about Crane’s Curatas collection, Adrian Duffin, Managing Director of Crane Electronics said: “At Crane, our products are each designed specifically to enhance manufacturing processes across the globe and our forward-thinking Curatas range is no exception.

“An extension of our innovative torque management range, the Curatas software refines the manufacturing process by not only optimising speed and efficiency but tackling error reduction. “We are extremely pleased to reveal the first of our Curatas range, Curatas Wrench Control, software that will help save costs while improving overall performance levels and product quality when used with our digital torque wrenches and TCI lineside controllers. “And with Curatas Wrench Control enabling manufacturers to pre-programme assembly instructions, it reduces the amount of operator training required, making it not only a timesaving but cost-effective solution too.”

Inspired by the word ‘curator’, Curatas Wrench Control allows users to easily record targets and measurements, while significantly reducing the chance of error, by instantly flagging any inaccurate or imprecise torque readings. And for complete traceability, data from the Curatas Wrench Control can be retrieved and viewed in easy-to-read reports and graphs. Curatas Wrench Control can be set up on a single workstation or as part of multiple assembly stations depending on the needs of each user, and whether they are working on part assembly or the full component.

Supporting businesses within automotive, aerospace, construction, marine and rail, industry leader Crane is now able to deliver an even more bespoke torque management solution thanks to its comprehensive workstation package, ideal for a variety of assembly and quality auditing applications.

For more information about the Curatas Wrench Control or other products and services available from Crane Electronics, visit


Established in 1971, Crane Electronics has been delivering solutions for torque management and control problems for over 50 years. Crane’s head office, Crane Electronics Ltd. is based in the UK, with its sister company Crane Electronics Inc. located in Illinois, USA. Both locations have their own accredited service and calibration centres and our experienced teams provide technical advice, high-quality support and a dedicated service to our customers and distributors. Most recently, Crane have expanded into Germany, having opened its brand-new sales and service facility, Crane Electronics GmbH, located in Plüderhausen, Germany. The knowledge and expertise at Crane satisfies the needs of manufacturing industries for improved quality, safety, complete traceability and increased productivity, working alongside some of the world’s biggest brands across a host of industries including automotive, aerospace, construction, marine and rail.