October 26-28, 2021
Rosemont, IL
It's hard to believe The ASSEMBLY Show is now under 3 months away. We are looking forward to coming together this fall in Rosemont, IL on October 26-28.

Please review this exhibitor bulletin, and those that follow, for important details and information as you prepare for your booth at the event.

Booth Cleaning
During booth set-up, and during the show days, your booth is going to get trashed (no pun intended). Our general service contractor, Rosemont Exposition Services (RES) offers booth cleaning services, i.e., vacuuming and porter service (removal of trash from booths during the show), and they do a great job.

Note - if you choose to rent booth carpeting from RES, it includes vacuuming prior to opening on the first day of the show. See pages 16, 34-35 & 58-59 of the Exhibitor Service Manual. If you are going to want their services, we would highly recommend that you place your order in advance, as opposed to waiting until ordering at show site which could add waiting time.

For those of you who are either Do-it-Yourselfers and/or those on a tight budget, here's a thought. Bring your own vacuum and or cleaning suppliers (wipes, paper towels, etc.).  There are no rules that say you can't vacuum/clean your own booth, and if you're shipping your booth crate/boxes…just pack it along with the booth materials.



Contact Information
General Services Contractor (freight, carpet, furniture, carpet, utilities)
Dave Houston
Rosemont Exposition Services, Inc. (RES)
Exhibitor Logistics & Support
Mike Mlady Floor Manager 630-248-7181 mike@theassemblyshow.com
Sponsorship Support
Ceci Quispe
Event Coordinator
Overall Event Operations
Dana Marsoupian
Sr. Events Manager
Mike Spencer
Marketing Specialist
What Exhibitors Can Do Without Unions at The ASSEMBLY Show
The Donald E. Stephens Convention Center is a union facility which means that the convention center has signed agreements with various skilled trade unions (Carpenters, Teamsters, Riggers, Electricians, etc.) to provide services at the convention center. For a description of what services these trade unions provide, please see page 65 in the Exhibitor Service Manual.

What you may not be aware of is that recent work-rules modifications now enable exhibitors to perform several set-up/dismantle tasks, which in the past were under union jurisdiction. These are itemized below, and if desired, may be completed by full-time employees of the exhibiting company.

1. Exhibitors may set up and dismantle their own booth displays, as well as the various tasks outlined below, provided the work is being done by full-time employees of the exhibiting company. No outside workers are permitted to provide set-up and dismantle services unless they are members of a Chicagoland Carpenter Union Local with valid trade show jurisdictions.

2. Exhibitors may use hand tools and power tools to perform work within their booths.

3. Exhibitors may affix clamp-on lights to the top of their booth displays.

4. Exhibitors may calibrate and do repair work on internal circuit boards, and do interconnecting of peripheral computer equipment.

5. Exhibitors may do the connection of lighting, video equipment and light bulbs to an electrical outlet when the outlet has been ordered by the exhibitor.

6. Exhibitors may hang pictures, graphics, logos, etc. onto a backwall display when such items are designed to be affixed by pre-set Velcro strips, permanently mounted hooks, or snaps.

7. Exhibitors may hand carry small packages, pop-up displays and desktop computer equipment provided it can be done without the use of a fork-lift, flat cart or dolly, only from a designated parking area.

8. Exhibitors may inflate balloons.

9. Video taping may be done by exhibitors within the confines of their own booths using equipment owned or rented by the exhibiting company, provided such taping does not conflict with show management regulations, and does not require tools or ladders.

10. Exhibitors may un-pack, re-pack and set out their own product line within the booth for display purposes.

Exhibit Hall Hours
Tuesday, October 26
4:00pm – 7:00pm
  Reception from 5-7 pm OFF the exhibit floor  
Wednesday, October 27
10:00am – 5:00pm
  Reception from 5-7 pm OFF the exhibit floor  
Thursday, October 28
9:00am – 2:00pm
  Morning Mingle held in the exhibit hall from 9-10 am  
As an exhibitor your company receives a listing in The ASSEMBLY Show on-site Show Program and mobile app. A standard directory listing includes company name, address, phone number, website, booth # and 100 word company profile.

The deadline to submit information to appear in the Show Program is August 31, 2021. All exhibitors have been sent an email with a custom link and specific instructions on how to create your company listing. If you have already submitted your directory listing it can be viewed with your floor plan listing on the website.

If you need to make updates, have any questions or need your custom editing link resent to you please contact Ceci Quispe at quispec@bnpmedia.com.

As an exhibitor, you have the opportunity to send one email directly to event registrants that "opted-in" to receive third-party communications. Emails can be scheduled to deploy from August 27 - October 25, 2021 with deployment dates made available on a first-come, first-served basis.

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