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Manufacturing Software Panel Discussion

8/16/23 2:00 pm to 8/16/24 2:00 pm EDT
Contact: Meg M.

In the factory of the future, software will be every bit as important to product assembly as robots, riveters, and nutrunners. In this webinar, we sit down with four leading software suppliers to discuss the digital transformation of assembly lines. We’ll cover the gamut of software technology, from error-proofing individual workstations to analyzing the performance of assembly lines or entire plants.

Whether you’re looking for enterprise resource planning software or paperless work instructions, you’ll find it at The ASSEMBLY Show. At least 13 software suppliers will be demonstrating their latest products at the show. Before you hit the show floor, tune into this exclusive panel discussion featuring executives from four of the nation’s top suppliers of manufacturing software: Aegis Software, eFlex Systems, Tutelar Technologies Inc., and VKS.

You will learn:

  • How software can error-proof production.
  • What data to collect, how to collect it, how to analyze it, and how to protect it.
  • Tips and advice for implementing and applying different types of software in your operation.
  • How software can prevent downtime.
  • How to connect machines and tools to an enterprise network.

Sponsored by:

COVALSchmidt Technology WEISS
StarlineZimmer Group

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