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Toshiba Machine partner exhibiting at the Assembly Show 2017


Industrial robot specialist, TM Robotics is exhibiting at the Assembly Show in Rosemont, Illinois, from October 24-26, 2017. This exhibition, exclusive to trade visitors only, offers three days of educational seminars and the opportunity to see the latest in assembly technology to help manufacturers make informed business decisions to keep their factory floors competitive. TM Robotics will be exhibiting at booth 2045, demonstrating the TVL700 6-axis robot, the THL300 with TSL3000 controller and a three axis BA-III Cartesian. “Unlike most Cartesian robots, the BA-III is a true plug-and-play,” explained Nigel Smith, chief executive officer at TM Robotics. “All cables, junction boxes, brackets, motors, and controllers are supplied with the actuators. This means there’s no need for calibration between the motor and the actuator or between the motor and the controller, which enables users to reduce their engineering costs.” TM Robotics partner, ASG, will also be showcasing the SCARA TH650A from booth 323. This is a heavy duty machine with the highest payload in its class. This highly rigid gear is ideal for end of line packaging and assembly work. Its acceleration, increased life span and easy maintenance make it a top contender for factories looking to invest in a cost effective robot. “ASG will be demonstrating the SCARA TH650A with a screw feeding system,” continued Smith. “The SCARA TH650A makes light work of driving screws, something that many production lines require. This investment option is ideal for visitors to the show that operate in the automotive, aerospace and energy sectors in particular, as it could save them huge amounts of time and labour costs. “Made from aluminium casting, the highly rigid gear enables fast acceleration along with the much sought after long lifespan and easy maintenance. Adding this robot to your production process will allow businesses to increase productivity, freeing the human workforce to focus on for more complex tasks.”

About TM Robotics: TM Robotics has installed thousands of robots in factories throughout the world, including North and South America, India, Russia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Australia. Many of the top manufacturing companies depend on TM Robotics’ product offerings for their reliability, performance, and overall value. In partnership with Toshiba Machine, TM Robotics is the only company that offers a comprehensive range of all three categories of robots; 6-axis, SCARA, and Cartesian. These are designed and built in-house. TM Robotics delivers cutting-edge solutions, training, and support services for industrial and commercial applications. For further information please visit

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