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Make full use of digitalization in your assembly process - with the Smart Klaus assistance system


September 4th, 2018 - While manual assembly processes continue to be a vital part of manufacturing assembly processes, there are still challenges for utilization in both high mix and low mix environments. More and more companies want to take advantage of the possibilities of a digitalized production process. This can be achieved by a comprehensive use of sensor technology and real-time database collection where article data are digitally stored and can be retrieved at any time. Solutions for both of these manufacturing issues are now available with the Smart Klaus.


  • Industry 4.0 is about flexibility in production, including mass customization
  • Flexible production with lot size 1 however still requires highly trained shop floor experts
  • More flexibility and agility are also stress factors on the shop floor
  • Remove errors from the assembly process
  • The idea of Smart Klaus is to improve your Personnel OEE
  • Digitalization of your analog assembly process
  • By doing this, increased productivity can be combined with increased employee health

Smart Klaus features:

  • Guiding the worker through the process with realtime verification by the same system
  • Makes training, poka yoke and separate final inspection on the job, unnecessary
  • The Smart Klaus also produces digital data for manual steps – enabler for Industry 4.0
  • Every employee has the access to the correct product knowledge at any time.
  • Time-consuming retooling is no longer necessary.
  • Different products and variations can be manufactured at any time.

Quality as a trademark of your processes

  • 0 ppm can be reached.
  • The Productivity is increased by 20% because employees are always shown what they need to do. Your employees are much more relaxed because they can't make any more mistakes. Improve your assembly operator OEE.
  • No subsequent quality control is required, as the Smart Klaus looks over the employee's shoulder and only correctly assembled products are approved.
  • You get both the digital twin and the digital shadow.
  • All results can be recorded (by serial number) for MES tracking.
  • No more time-consuming documenting and training. Complex deployment planning and the maintenance of analog assembly instructions is no longer necessary.
  • This can save the company 20-30% manufacturing costs as mentioned above.

Sold by:

Electronic Assembly Products, Ltd.

2950 Production Court

Dayton, Ohio 45414

Booth 561