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A Roadmap to Industry 4.0 with Engineering Digital Industry

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Want to see the power of The Digital Thread for Industry 4.0 for assembly manufacturing? Visit us at Booth 2145 and see our closed loop solutions for Digital Manufacturing.


Challenges of Assembly & Complex Manufacturing

The need to get more customized, high quality products to market faster has driven manufacturers to distribute production over many plants and suppliers. This strategy to “plan anywhere, build anywhere” provides manufacturers the economy of scale and scope needed to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. Such a strategy also brings enormous manufacturing planning and collaboration challenges. Leading manufacturers are looking for technologies and methodologies that allow them to efficiently author, simulate and manage manufacturing information throughout their organization and with external suppliers. Manufacturers want software tools that can align manufacturing plans quickly and intelligently based on changing product configurations.

Visit Digital Industry @ Booth 2145

All too often, companies fixate on providing a solid foundation to perform product designs, while disregarding the significance of their manufacturing processes. A manufacturing process management solution offers a portal to connect all facets of both the design and build lifecycles. Engineering Digital Industry has been delivering the power of the Digital Thread for Industry 4.0 to complex, assembly and discrete manufacturers across the globe for over a decade. Our team leverages cutting-edge software to help manufacturers create a closed digital data thread amongst the different departments of their organization. By bridging the gap between the virtual and physical worlds of manufacturing, our solutions automate and streamline companies' production processes from top to bottom and bottom to top, as a result allowing them to become more efficient, competitive and profitable.

Our solution offering and expertise covers:

  • Defining the Manufacturing Product & Product Structure (Bill of Materials)
  • Defining the Manufacturing Process (Bill of Process)
  • Simulation of the Manufacturing Plant/Layout (The Digital Twin)
  • Simulation of the Manufacturing/Assembly Process (The Digital Twin)
  • Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)
  • Automation & Hardware Integration • Smart Technology
  • Shop Floor Monitoring
  • Production Control & Optimization
  • Manufacturing System Design and Implementation and System Integration

Click here to download our white paper about our Industry 4.0 solution offering for assembly manufacturing

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