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Companies Plan, Validate and Collaborate on 10,000+ Part Assemblies with Lightweight Solution

Struggling with Large Files is Over Thanks to Lightweight Solution for Assembly Planning/Validating, Tech Pubs and Visual Work Instructions

Connect Press

When it comes to product design, companies can face many problems in the planning, validation and sharing of large assemblies. Whether it’s with their own shop floor or with their partners in the supply chain, product design companies can run into many problems. Some of the big problems when engaging stakeholders outside the company include protecting intellectual property, multi-CAD collaboration and interoperability, or sharing models with customers. In house-sharing has its own set of challenges, including communication problems between product designers and manufacturing engineers, use of paper drawings on the shop floor and making sure you have access to the latest version and access to CAD altogether. These problems are exacerbated if the model sizes are large…and for companies that make heavy equipment, vehicles and machinery, the CAD model sizes can easily be in the gigabytes. For these companies, often times they cannot bring all of their sub-assemblies into a single instance as it would take too long to load and the performance would not be workable. And finally, CAD was never meant to be a communication tool. CAD is expensive and requires a significant amount of skill and expertise to operate. It’s a sad saga that’s gone on way too long. We have all of the precise 3D data but how can users effectively use it outside of the engineering department? We have found that leading-edge companies like Toyota and Tsubamex have taken a liking to solutions from Lattice Technology. Read the full commentary by ConnectPress at

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