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Pneumatic Air powered Hand Tools Ease Strain and Increase Productivity

The SP-002.5 are Back In Production!!


Due to popular demand the Simonds double stage Power pack models; the SP-002.5 (hand unit) and the SP-002.5F (remote unit) are back in production. Both tools feature a knurled 5-3/4” long x 2” dia. handle for a sure grip and produces 2,450 lbs. of closing force to tackle tough production tasks. The SP-002.5 hand model can be actuated by a simple thumb trigger, and the SP-002.5F Remote Power pack can be fixtured into an automated system or onto an end-of-arm system and actuated by a 4-way valve. These air powered ergonomic tools can be equipped with application specific jaw sets to eliminate repetitive manual squeezing and create a safer workplace. Requiring only 90 PSI shop air, Simonds’ SP-002.5 Power Packs can be fitted with a wide variety of Jaw sets for cutting, crimping, clamping, notching, hole punching, de-gating, pin insertion and removal, and other applications. Simonds’ SP-002.5 power pack and jaw sets are priced according to whether the jaws are standard or designed to customer requirements. Literature is available upon request.

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