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Global System Integrator, Lyric Robot, Demonstrates R&D into Digital Twin Automation for Factory Automation & Robotics Market

Digital Twin Technology will China-based Global Factory Automation Firm to Expand in North America

ROSEMONT, IL, October 23, 2018 - Being a large globally oriented system integrator gives Lyric Robot the resources to have an R&D group. It has 18 PhD's among its staff of 1000 of which 70% have a bachelors or higher. It also boasts relationships with 8 Universities and holds more than 150 patents. Among the technologies being developed by Lyric Robot is a version of Digital Twin technology for Factory Automation and Robotics (FAR). Lyric Robot chose The Assembly Show to demonstrate some of this technology in their booth with live feeds to a robotic system in China.

The concept of digital twin dates back to earlier days at NASA. It is the idea that one can design a sophisticated technology driven device like a Mars Rover, test the design through simulation, enhance the design through simulation and then fabricate the best design. Going further, in a situation of a space vehicle, one can interact with the physical device and make enhancements by downloading modifications. Even more advanced, once can use actual physical device data to enhance simulations and then create new versions of software that can be downloaded into the existing physical device and enhance it further.

The R&D team at Lyric Robot is hard at work to make this same concept a reality for factory automation and robotics. Part of the technology is already in place. By using simulation to design and test factory automation and robotic systems, Lyric Robot is on the way to being able to design, fabricate and deliver more than 100 sophisticated automation lines per year. By using remote communication and control technologies as demonstrated in the 2018 Assembly Show, we are demonstrating another component of technologies converging to make a Digital Twin possible.

Lyric Robot sees Digital Twin technology as a critical success factor in managing the scale of having so many systems in the field deployed in large geographic areas. China is a large country, and its manufacturing frontier is being pushed back deeper and deeper inland. The ability to have a digital twin and remotely compare performance of the simulation and physical equipment will save time and money during the warranty periods.  It will also reduce Mean-Time-To-Repair (MTTR) and improve productivity by reducing unscheduled downtime. It also opens new options for documentation and training. The technology will also help Lyric Robot enhance service customers in North America and Europe.

While pointing the large screen in the booth at the 2018 Assembly Show linking the booth in Rosemont, IL to her facility in Guangdong, China, Louise Lu, a principal of Lyric Robot responsible for international business development says, "I see a day in the near future where this technology will make Lyric Robot an even formidable international player in factory automation". Louise further explains if her R&D groups can fully utilize Digital Twin Technology, one day Lyric Robot will be able to design, simulate and ship fabricated parts directly to a customer location where Lyric Robot will assemble for the system for first time, download software, confirm the simulation using Internet of Things, and start production thus offering customers a Site Acceptance Test without a wasteful Factory Automation Test at Lyrics Robots facility in China, which will streamline the process in a revolutionary way.

The future of Digital Twin Technology in factory automation will not just reduce time to delivery and improve productivity. It has the potential of opening a new market for "Factory Automation as a Service", where Lyric Robot can monitor and improve production outcomes long after the warranty period. Digital Twin Technology is still in its infancy but convergence of computer science, AI, AR, IoT and other technologies are giving the R&D team at Lyric Robot that profitable progress can be made in useful increments each year for the next few years.

ABOUT LYRIC ROBOT:Lyric Robot's headquarter located in Guangdong, China and total of 1,287 employees are in global wide, with the R&D center and manufacturing base covering areas of 300,000 square meters. Additionally, sales offices and service centers are located at California and Florida in USA, Toronto in Canada, Schaffhausen in Switzerland, Aschaffenburg in Germany, Suwon in Korea. Our products have been exported to Germany, Britain, United States, Canada, Japan, Turkey and Thailand for many years and main customers are top 5 in their respective industries.




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