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Flexfeeder X-Series – Flexfactory AG Introduces Innovative complete system for flexible feeding

Flex Factory X-Series

Markets are getting faster and faster, product cycles shorter and shorter, flexibility more and more important. In order to adapt production lines to these growing demands, flexfactory AG presents a new family of its software-based feeding systems. With the models flexfeeder X185, X250 and X350, it now presents an innovative and highly flexible complete system.

The main features of the new product line: The feeders work with all robots, are controlled by feedware XOS, have an integrated camera system and are designed for frequent part changes. As reusable operating equipment, this makes them a sustainable investment and a contemporary solution for many industries and products.

The complete system with camera and toplight
The new flexfeeder X-series combines important functions in one feeding solution: feeder, camera, toplight and software work together as one integrated system - for smooth processes with less manpower and increased performance. The embedded touchscreen simplifies parameterization and operation. During running production, it provides valuable status messages to the operator at system runtime. Thanks to the integrated camera and control system including touchscreen based on the latest feedware CX software, every flexfeeder thus also becomes an ideal partner for collaborative robots.

Fast changeover and changeover - even for complicated parts
Fexfactory feeders provide small parts from 0.5 to 120 mm flexibly and precisely. The new flexfeeder X-series shows its advantages particularly in the case of frequent part changes. Appropriate parts can be taught in the production itself or in advance in the test laboratory of flexfactory AG and its sales partners. The system uses this preset during operation. When changing parts, only the suitable or individualized feeder surfaces need to be replaced. This can be done easily and without tools within seconds. The new fully automatic discharge function also speeds up part changes. In this way, the new X series significantly minimizes changeover times.

More flexible with the new feedware XOS interface
The specially developed feedware XOS software forms the central interface and links the individual components into an intelligently operating system. It evaluates the information from the integrated camera within milliseconds. For this purpose, the software algorithms divide the image field into several, dynamically changeable areas. The flexfeeder is then specifically controlled to provide as many parts as possible in the desired position as quickly as possible. The newly developed X series has a significantly higher number of more specifically controllable motion commands than the the previous anyfeed models. feedware XOS always chooses the optimal motion for the flexfeeder. The result is a significantly higher performance of the overall system. Even parts that were previously considered non-feedable can be easily fed on the new X series models. Non-in-order (NIO) parts are automatically discharged.

Efficient commissioning, maintenance and training
The ready-to-use wired camera and toplight tower drastically reduces the commissioning times of the highly flexible feeder system compared to all previous ones. In addition, the automatic calibration of all components to each other and a large and constantly growing library of drivers for controlling industrial robots greatly simplifies commissioning. Low downtime, automatic draining and easy monitoring of the system keep manpower requirements low. The design is extremely robust, durable and features servo-electric drives. All internal equipment parameters can be optimized via the integrated remote maintenance interface, for maximized process reliability.With the user-friendly feedware XOS, the training required for the system is reduced to just a few hours. From calibrating components, teaching new products and optimizing feeder parameters, to communicating with preset industrial robots, users are quickly in control of the entire feeding system.

Solution for many industries and applications
The flexible feeding solutions from flexfactory AG are used primarily in industries whose production is subject to permanent change. For example, in the automotive industry, medical technology, electrical industry, cosmetics and consumer goods industry, as well as jewelry and watch industry. As an option, Flexfactory also supplies the new feeder units of the flexfeeder X series completely set up for customer parts and ready for connection to many types of robots. This makes plug and play in the field of industrial automation easily feasible. Solving tomorrow's problems today - the flexfeeder X series with feedware XOS thinks ahead.

Futura Automation is Flexfactory's North American partner providing local technical support and service.

Flexfactory For more information, contact:
Brian McMorris
Futura Automation

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