Assembly Show - October 25-27, 2022
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Marposs Demonstrates Assembly & Test Capability with Automated Battery Leak Test System

At the Assembly Show in booth #240, Marposs will be demonstrating its automatic machine for leak testing of sealed batteries in low to medium production environments. This patent pending system is based on electrolyte tracing, which makes it possible to perform the leak test after it has been filled with the electrolytes and completely sealed.


ROSEMONT, IL – During operation, the battery cells are placed in the vacuum chamber during the test. In the presence of a housing leak, partial vaporization of the electrolyte solvent occurs, and it exits from the cell towards the vacuum chamber. The test principle is based on the possibility of measuring the extent of the leak by tracing these electrolyte vapors with a quadrupole mass spectrometer.

Cells can be tested in different stages of the production process: immediately after electrolyte filling and sealing, after formation, or after degassing and subsequent final sealing, and up to the check during the end-of-line testing. The Marposs automatic system is also available for testing of cylindrical and button cells and pouch cells. The pouch cell version requires tooling to constrain the surface of the cell to avoid swelling when the vacuum is performed. The systems can trace different types of solvents typically used in the production of lithium-ion cells, such as DMC, DEC, EMC, PP, etc.

In addition to solutions for battery production, Marposs designs and manufactures solutions capable of meeting the needs of high precision assembly of metal and glass components for the automotive, electronic, and biomedical sectors including cutting edge technologies for dimensional checks, leak testing, mechanical and electrical functional tests.

For more information on Marposs’ solutions for battery assembly and test, visit or contact Marposs Corp. at (248) 370-0404 or

Marposs, founded in 1952, has distinguished itself by supplying advanced solutions that improve quality and productivity while reducing manufacturing costs through technologies such as process control, machine tool monitoring and precision gauging, as well as leak testing and automated assembly and control lines. A long-time key supplier to the automotive and aerospace markets, Marposs’ growth strategy includes the acquisition of high-quality companies that offer innovative products complementary to its portfolio, enabling penetration into new market sectors. The Group currently has over 3700 employees worldwide and is present in 25 countries through more than 80 offices.