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The New Product Of The Year Awards To Be Presented At The 2022 Assembly Show On Thursday, October 27 In The Exhibit Hall

Attendees to 10th Annual Trade Show & Conference Invited to Vote During the Event


ROSEMONT, IL, - Twenty innovative assembly line products were selected to participate in The ASSEMBLY Show’s “New Product of the Year” contest from over 230 exhibiting companies. The products will be showcased at the 10th annual ASSEMBLY Show taking place October 25-27 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL and attendees will be invited to vote for the best product in each the following five categories: Assembly Machines & Systems; Adhesives, Dispensing & Curing; Fastening Tools; Robotics; and Factory of the Future

“Our editors received hundreds of submissions for our New Product of the Year Contest.  After thorough review we nominated 20 innovative products in five categories and look forward to seeing which ones the attendees select to be the winners,” said John Sprovieri, Editor in Chief of ASSEMBLY Magazine who helped to select the finalists. “We invite attendees to stop by booth #2023 during the show to vote or vote directly on the official Show mobile app and then to join us on Thursday morning during the Morning Mingle and Breakfast in booth #2023 at 9:30 am to hear the winners announced.”  Below are the new product nominees that will be featured in the New Product of the Year booth:

Assembly Machines & Systems:
  • ATS Automation Technology - Introduced in 2013 under its original name, CNCAssembly, Symphoni is fast, flexible and precise. Using Rapid Speed Matching technology, the platform delivers the same or higher speeds as continuous-motion assembly machines with just 10 percent of the tooling, all while providing improved quality and gentle part handling. Booth 419.
  • Edgewater Automation built an automated conveyance system for Lyons Industries to handle the job of push, pull and lift heavy objects throughout a 10-hour shift. Edgewater automated the order-building process. The system integrated a mobile robot with a custom, four-corner, strut-framed lifting machine with a PLC and touchscreen HMI. Booth 119
  • Launchpad – The Digitool is a standardized, modular automated assembly cell that learns and executes manufacturing tasks based on a product CAD file without custom software or fixtures. The Digitool can perform an array of assembly tasks, including pick and place, screwdriving, dispensing, laser engraving, labeling and testing. Booth 1937
  • Promess Inc. – The Robot Press is a lightweight servo press designed to be mounted to the end of a six-axis robot. It is available in sizes up to 50 kilonewtons, with a maximum stroke of 200 millimeters and a maxi-mum ram speed of 300 millimeters per second. A new quick connect and disconnect feature allows one robot to handle multiple operations. Booth 305.

Adhesives, Dispensing & Curing:

  • DELO Industrial Adhesives LLC Has developed a new process for applying UV-cure adhesives that combines dispensing and preactivation in a single step. The DELO-Activis 600 process is ideal for bonding and encapsulating temperature-sensitive electronic components. Booth 1348 
  • Dopag US Ltd. – LifeCycleLogger 4.0 enables comprehensive online diagnosis of dispensing equipment. The system provides detailed information regarding all process parameters and usage profiles of meter, mix and dispense components. This data includes size, specific volumes or pressures, and test bench results regarding efficiency. Booth 1439
  • Ellsworth Adhesives – The VersaMix meter-mix system simplifies the process of dispensing two-component materials with a versatile, highly engineered design. Equipped with dual servomotors, this variable ratio system of-fers ultimate control of shot size and volume with repeatable results across materials. Booth 1638
  • ThreeBond International – TB1153 and TB3178 sealing compounds meet the key performance characteristics required for assembling hydrogen fuel cells for automobiles. Hydrogen is a colorless, odorless, flammable gas with a small molecular weight. TB1153 and TB3178 provide a strong barrier for both hydrogen and oxygen. Booth 1800


Fastening Tools:

  • ASG, Division of Jergens Inc. - This current-control screwdriver was designed for the highest level of accuracy and repeatability. With a torque range from 2 inch-ounces to 70 inch-pounds, the driver is small and lightweight. It can be used as a handheld tool, fixtured in a torque arm, or mounted to an automated system.  Booth 431
  • Desoutter Industrial Tools – The Nexonar 3D spatial positioning system allows users to accurately monitor and locate fastening tools or the position of an operator’s hands in critical assembly processes to within 1 millimeter. This ensures proper positioning and tightening parameters for assembly operations.  Booth 517
  • Kolver North America – The KDS-NT screwdriver delivers a torque range of 5 to 70 newton-centimeters, one of the widest in the low-torque transducer-tool market. The tool weighs just 0.7 pound and features an all-metal design with status LEDs and a choice of a lever or buttons for actuation. The tool is also available with a button-free housing for automation. Booth 1317
  • Panasonic – The AccuPulse 4.0 cordless mechanical pulse tool is equipped with four onboard microcomputers and a built-in torque transducer for better quality control, accuracy and data collection on the assembly line. The tools cover a torque range of 20-120Nm. The tools can be operated one-handed with no torque reaction. Booth 1113



  • ATI Industrial Automation – Just 8 millimeters thick, the six-axis Mini43LP force and torque sensor is designed for use in small robots working in tight spaces. A rugged housing makes the sensor durable enough to withstand harsh environments. Its low-profile body enables users to optimize the robot’s work envelope and preserve its lifting power. Booth 319
  • Epson Robots – The GX-Series of SCARA robots, GX4 and GX8, use Epson’s Gyroplus technology to provide fast speeds, smooth motion and higher payload capabilities. Available in multiple configurations with a reach of up to 650 millimeters, these compact robots integrate easily into clean room and ESD environments. Booth 1231
  • FANUC America Corp. – The CR-35iB cobot can carry a maximum payload of 35 kilograms. It has a large work envelope and a small installation footprint, making it ideal for tight spaces. It has a maximum reach of 1,831 millimeters, a maximum speed of 750 millimeters per second, and a positional repeatability of ±0.03 millimeter.  Booth 219
  • PVA – The Valve Tool Changer increases the number of applications that an automatic dispensing and coating cell can satisfy without sacrificing valuable work area. The Tool Changer can accommodate four additional valves in the machine that can be automatically picked up and used at any time. Booth 1605


 Factory of the Future:

  • Acerta Analytics Solutions Inc. – LinePulse 3.0 bridges the gap between continuous IIoT data collection in production and the data preparation required for machine learning and artificial intelligence (ML/AI), allowing modern ML/AI algorithms to keep a constant pulse on the overall health of an assembly line. Booth 644
  • LightGuide’s smartAR Workstation is a preconfigured, turnkey workstation powered by the company’s augmented reality software. The workstation uses digital projection technology to display step-by-step work instructions onto a mobile, ergonomic production area. This helps to improve productivity and prevent errors in manual assembly processes. Booth 1431
  • Pico MES has launched a new alert feature for its manufacturing execution system software, allowing operators to send immediate alerts through automated email, text or message system (Microsoft Teams and Slack). The alerts are sent to supervisors, manufacturing engineering and/or quality leadership to address issues encountered during a production shift. Booth 613
  • Real Time Automation Inc. - The RTConnect module helps manufacturers add multiple communication protocols to automation devices. The module reduces design complexity, eliminates maintenance costs, and eases certification challenges associated with developing communication protocols. Booth 451


Detailed descriptions and images of each product can be viewed online at   


The 10th Anniversary of The ASSEMBLY Show will offer a dynamic keynote presentation on Using Lean to Prepare for Manufacturing 4.0 delivered by Charles Wetherington, President of BTE Technologies, LLC, a medical equipment manufacturer.  The trade show and conference will kick off with six half day workshops on Tuesday, October 25 on Metal Welding, Lean Manufacturing, Plastics Welding, Electric & Autonomous Vehicles, Next-Generation Manufacturing Workers, and a session on working with Manufacturers’ Reps. The exhibit hall will be open on Tuesday, October 25 from 4:00 – 7:00 pm; Wednesday, October 26 from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm and Thursday, October 27 from 9:00 am – 2:00 pm. For information about exhibiting or sponsorships, click here to contact the ASSEMBLY Show sales staff. Registration is open, click here for more information.   


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