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The Toyota Production System: A Fresh Look

10/3/23 2:00 pm to 10/3/24 2:00 pm EDT
Contact: Meg M.

Our society faces unprecedented economic, social, and environmental challenges. Management consultant and author Olivier Larue argues that the basis for solving many of these challenges can be found in a surprising place: the Toyota Production System (TPS).

The TPS offers technical and managerial innovations that eliminate many of the financial, socio-economic, and environmental contradictions inherent in business. The result is congruency between several factors and agents of our society that have conflicted in the past. Financially, the TPS creates congruency between a company’s income statement and its cash flow statement by pursuing total efficiency over individual efficiency. Economically, the TPS lessens conflicts between economic growth and environmental stewardship by eliminating overburden, unevenness, and waste. Sociologically, the TPS reconciles the creative nature of people with the mundane requirements of modern industrial work by re-introducing craftsmanship into industrial operation.

Whether you are new to the TPS or an established practitioner, you will not want to miss this thought-provoking presentation.

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