San Diego-Autosplice Inc. has opened a new Automotive Regional Office in Novi, MI.

This office will provide in-depth design services for customers in the automotive industry. Engineers at the office are already actively working with key customers on a number of leading-edge new designs, including specialized interconnects for lighting systems, door-lock modules, smart mirror assemblies, and seating sensors and management modules.

The office has the capability to act as a seamless part of customers' product development processes. By using a variety of standards-based computer-aided design (CAD) software applications, Autosplice engineers can directly import a customer's product design information in its native format and create new interconnect designs to mesh smoothly within the specific mechanical and electrical parameters. The designs can then be fed back into the customer's CAD database and modeled for fit and function.

"Over many years of providing advanced electronic interconnect solutions to automotive manufacturers, Autosplice has also become an integral player in the development of new innovations and designs to meet dynamically evolving requirements. As the pace of change and the amount of electronic content in new automotive designs continues to accelerate, the ability to provide highly experienced design support in the Michigan region will allow us to better serve the needs of our automotive customers," says Bob Bogursky, vice president of engineering.