If you buy a lottery ticket in the United States, chances are it will be issued by a machine built by GTECH Corp. (West Greenwich, RI). The company’s units are stationed in convenience stores and other retail outlets in 29 states.

When the company sought a solution to attach components reliably in online lottery terminals and printers, the goals were to reduce the amount of loose hardware, save assembly time, enable easier access for assembly and disassembly, and ensure dependable equipment performance under constant use.

These goals were realized by using self-clinching fasteners from Penn Engineering & Manufacturing Corp. (PEM, Danboro, PA). These fasteners are specified for a variety of attachment applications in online lottery ticket terminals and printers.

The typical convenience store model is a self-contained unit that incorporates a terminal, ticket printer and reader—all in one box. These machines have traditionally used various self-clinching nuts and studs. GTECH’s latest model is a new, standalone thermal printer called the AccuTherm. It uses 26 self-clinching fasteners in nine different fastener types.

"All the fastening applications in this new printer are critical, and we use PEM fasteners because we’ve had good success with them over the years," says Anestis Halkidis, principle mechanical engineer. "In this instance, each self-clinching fastener can be shown to serve a specific purpose and provide a key benefit."

The fasteners being use are stainless steel threaded flush-head studs, stainless steel standoffs, steel blind threaded standoffs, stainless steel flush-mounted pilot pins, stainless steel threaded nuts, stainless steel threaded standoffs, miniature threaded fasteners, stainless steel floating threaded fasteners and stainless steel panel fasteners.

"Every component is integral to our products’ daily in-use performance," says Halkidis. "These self-clinching fasteners offer distinct advantages over other fastening methods before, during and after assembly."

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