ANN ARBOR, MI--The Precision Optoelectronics Assembly Consortium has released a report detailing the technologies it developed for automated assembly of optoelectronic devices.

The consortium was supported by a grant from the federal Advanced Technology Program and administered by the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences. The goal of the project, which lasted 4 years, was to develop flexible, low-cost automated assembly equipment for optoelectronic components. Such components are used in disk drives, audio equipment, telecommunications equipment and flat panel displays.

Among the technologies developed by the consortium are a virtually frictionless, magnetically supported leadscrew; low-cost, sensor-based assembly platforms; micro stages; active vibration control; and high-precision 3D machine vision for automated assembly.

The report includes examples of how these technologies can be combined to address various assembly requirements.

The report costs $150 for NCMS members and $200 for nonmembers. For more information, call the NCMS at 734-995-3075 or visit