Because CON-SYST-INT Manufacturing’s new label-manufacturing process doesn’t create dust, work areas are cleaner and safer.

CON-SYST-INT Manufacturing USA (Warren, MI) supplies electrical, electronic and communication control panels for industries worldwide. Although the company had been manufacturing it labels from engravable lamacoid plastic plates for 20 years, it recently switched to B-593 raised-panel labels and the Tagus T300 thermal transfer printer from Brady Worldwide Inc. (Milwaukee) to help streamline its production processes.

There were a number of reasons why CON-SYST-INT Manufacturing made the switch to the new labels. First, the company’s existing lamacoid engraved plates were attached to products via a plastic track, as opposed to an adhesive. This allowed the plates to meet automotive industry specifications for consistent label placement and durability, but made finding an alternative label type more difficult. Ultimately, the B-593 labels were found to fit the existing plate tracks perfectly, making for an easier changeover.

Durability and materials availability were another concern. However, once again the B-593 was able to match the company’s existing system. “These labels are just as durable as our old tags, and they’re readily available. The lamacoid product might take one to four days from order to shipment,” says CON-SYST-INT Manufacturing manager Tim Dotzenroth. As a result, the company has been able to manage inventory flow even better than in the past, responding immediately to changes and creating just-in-time replacement legend plates when needed.

Finally, the company found that, in addition to making its processes more efficient, B-593 labels substantially improved workplace safety. “Before, we had two full-time people engraving tags, and they had to wear masks to protect themselves from inhaling the lamacoid dust,” says Dotzenroth. “With the Tagus printer, the process is safer for our employees, and we now have up to 60 people who can create labels whenever we need them-freeing up talent to be used in other areas.”

In terms of costs, Dotzenroth says the savings have been substantial since the day the new system went on-line. “This process is at least seven to 10 times faster than our old engraving process, and the Brady labels deliver a 50 percent reduction in cost, maybe even more when you factor in usability and speed,” he says.

According to Dotzenroth, the company still uses some lamacoid labels, but most of its customers have been very receptive to the new labels. Given the improvements in production, availability of materials and cost, Dotzenroth says he is certain the company will be expanding its use of the new printing system and labels. “The more we learn and discover new uses for the variety of B-593 tags, the more we’ll implement them,” he says.

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