With the ever changing economy and resulting budget cuts in most industries, manufacturers and machine builders are looking for creative ways to save money. Northstar Industries Inc. has developed a cost-effective solution for precision index applications. In the past, inline precision index applications have been handled with expensive electromechanical cam-driven units or pricey servos. The Northstar Industries precision index system is different-it uses simple pneumatics for its operation.

The concept is simple. Three cylinders work together to provide smooth, precise indexes and positioning accuracy within 0.003 inch. The whole assembly is mounted inside of a pair of steel plates, which also provide the track to guide the pallet links. The side plates also provide a simple method for mounting the unit, as well as being sturdy enough for mounting auxiliary tooling.

The units are available in several different sizes ranging from 6 to 12 inches wide and 4 to 10 feet long. The host machine or system requires three valves and six inputs for operation of the conveyor.

The units are built to order and therefore may be customized with addition of mounting holes in the pallets or side plates during manufacture. Complete custom units and integration are also available.

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