Helping automakers is not a new challenge for Jabil Inc. In fact, the company has been providing quality-control systems, design services and electronics manufacturing to them for nearly 35 years.

However, Jabil is fairly new to the wire processing side of the automotive industry, having begun making wire harnesses just a few years ago. The company processes wires and cables from 18 to 10 AWG.

Initially, Jabil did low-volume projects, which allowed their workers to hand crimp wires with pliers. But, the workers soon realized that the hand tools were often unreliable, and Jabil was not comfortable accepting poor-quality crimping.

As a result, the company considered automating its wire processing practice—so long as doing so would ensure high-quality crimping that was repeatable and cost efficient. Jabil worked with Schleuniger Inc., the international manufacturer of wire processing equipment, to help meet these challenges. 

Jabil installed the automated UniCrimp 200 and UniStrip 2300 so workers no longer have to process wires by hand. Rather, they program both machines via a user-friendly display.

The company likes that the machines reduce labor costs and require minimum operational training. Most importantly, the machines significantly increase productivity because they process wire 10 times faster.

“Switching from hand operations to machinery made sense financially and from a quality risk-avoidance standpoint,” says Chris Hempsall, project proposal manager for Jabil Inc. “Schleuniger has a proven track record of being able to get even new and inexperienced customers up and running quickly—some in just three months. Our operation became more efficient and effective.”

The UniStrip 2300 can process 32 to 10 AWG wire and jacketed cable up to 0.22 inch in diameter without any mechanical adjustments. Cycle time is only 0.35 second.

Using a color touch screen, the operator selects the desired wire size from a preprogrammed library. Doing this automatically sets all processing parameters, including cutting diameter, clamping pressure and blade way-back. The operator then sets the stripping and pull-off lengths.

Wire is automatically clamped, and the stripping process begins when the wire end touches the trigger sensor. If desired, all parameter settings can be saved to internal memory for future use, eliminating the need to reprogram the machine should the operator need to switch between different size wires.

A benchtop machine, the UniCrimp 200 is designed for crimping open or closed barrel terminals with up to 3.4 tons of crimp force. It handles wire sizes up to 10 AWG and accepts most standard mini-style applicators (mechanical or pneumatic) for crimping side- and rear-feed terminals.

The machine offers fast cycle speed, along with very quiet and safe operation. It also features a quick-release applicator base and terminal guides for easy changeovers.

Founded in 1966, Jabil operates 60 facilities in 33 countries and employs 165,000 people. It provides design, manufacturing and product management electronics services for the consumer products, medical, aerospace, defense and other industries.

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