Output overloads or “overload clutches” have been used for decades to protect the internal mechanics of a rotary index table. Most index tables become vulnerable when a manufacturer specifies a motor that is more powerful than the internal cam followers, cam, and bearings can support. A larger horsepower motor usually requires the use of an external gear box or reducer. The utilization of these mechanical boxes introduces increased maintenance and a larger overall footprint of the table.

The robust mechanical design of the WEISS index table eliminates the need for an output overload clutch. We are the only index table company that does not offer an overload clutch due to our innovative design. Our tables are designed to withstand an unlimited amount of e-stop and jam occurrences. This is accomplished by not sizing a motor that is more powerful than the table’s extremely robust internal mechanical components. If a jam or e-stop occurs then the motor will stall before any mechanical components can fail. You simply release the brake on the motor and index to the next position after a jam or e-stop condition.

The combination of robust construction and our innovative drive design allow for WEISS to offer a truly maintenance free solution. All of our index tables and index rings are shipped filled with oil and sealed for life. Each table is specified with a 25 year life expectancy or more at the given application specifications.

Innovative design ensures proper table sizing

WEISS calculates your total inertia load and uses it to select the correct size index table based on proven, pre-engineered “speed steps”. A speed step is a combination of the AC Brake Motor, two Timing Pulleys, and a Timing Belt. The maximum inertia and index time has already been calculated for each table and the corresponding inertia loads it can accommodate. Each speed step has been proven for that specific inertia load on each index table we sell. The AC Motors that we use are lower horsepower than would be typical with other similar size index tables. We are able to use a lower horsepower motor because of an internal gear reduction between the input shaft and the barrel cam. This internal gear reduction is a standard on all of our index tables and eliminates the need for any external gear reduction. This is a benefit from a performance as well as a maintenance perspective.

The advantage of the WEISS design provides a cost savings to the equipment builder and a superior warranty to the final user of the machine. Weiss is the only index table manufacturer to offer a standard four year warranty on all of our index tables and index rings. This proven design has been incorporated into our rotary tables for the past ten years. WEISS has continued to offer the most innovative designs over our 42 year history. These innovations have helped to create new, cutting edge solutions to the automation industry.

Open Center Technology

Our index rings provide a large open center to provide maximum use of components like robots and presses from the inside. This reduces the overall footprint of your machine with improved accuracy and access to your parts. As always, the TR and NR series index rings offer a four year warranty and a lifetime of maintenance free operation.

Low Profile Design

The TC series index tables offer a very compact, low profile design. Our motor and belt and pulley housing are always a smaller profile than the table’s main casting. This feature allows a designer to avoid costly cut outs in their machine base plate due to oversized motors and gear reducers. All of our tables and rings also offer accurate dowel holes on all mounting surfaces. This includes the main casting for mounting to your machine base, rotating dial plate for easy mounting of your tool plate, and on our standard, center stationary plate on all models. You just transfer our mounting hole pattern to your tool plate drawing and no adjustment or reaming of dowel holes is necessary at assembly.

Superior Service and Support

With over 500 index tables in stock, we are positioned to offer some of the best deliveries in the industry. Globally we have doubled our manufacturing capacity over the last twelve months to meet industry demand for our products. We are committed to quoting quickly, excellent delivery times, and the best customer service in the industry. WEISS also offers custom tool plate and base design and manufacturing from our Willoughby, OH location. Our industry partners understand the Weiss Advantage and realize the value of our products, service, and support. Whatever your assembly challenges, WEISS can provide you with inspiring solutions that will bring a new level of innovation to your designs.


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