Every manufacturer needs reliable suppliers to be successful. Sometimes, however, even the best supplier cannot provide parts economically for a specific project.

This was the situation that Joe Gambino faced in 2016 as owner and founder of Rogue Fabrication, a company that designs and makes tubing benders and notchers, die sets and drill press reduction kits for customers in the healthcare, construction, motor sports and boating industries.

When Gambino’s core suppliers couldn’t meet his requirement for cost-effective parts, he spent many hours cold-calling contract manufacturers listed in the local telephone directory. Eventually, he tried other ways of reaching suppliers and learned about www.mfg.com.

Founded in 2000, this website is a large global manufacturing marketplace that connects part suppliers with part buyers. Gambino tried the website, and was able to reach more than 300 qualified suppliers within 30 minutes.

Over the past two years, he’s used MFG.com to hire suppliers for 11 projects. Gambino says he likes the website because the suppliers provide quality parts, his company saves a lot of money and MFG.com provides excellent customer support. For example, a website staffer pointed out to Gambino that some of the engineering drawings he uploaded were missing essential part dimensions.

“We offer flexibility and great service for our customers, and MFG.com does the same thing for me,” explains Gambino. “The site gives me flexibility by providing access to suppliers all over the world. Plus, if something goes wrong, MFG.com is there to step in and advocate for me.”

Rogue Fabrication began as Rogue Offroad Engineering LLC in 2010, and its first product was wheel centers. Since then, the company has expanded its product offerings, and shifted its focus to fabrication tools.

The RogueFab model 600 tubing bender is portable and bends solid steel bar up to 2 inches in diameter more than 95 degrees in one cycle. If necessary, the operator can continue the bending and exceed 180 degrees. A specialty attachment helps the machine bend thin tubes. Backstop and rotation gauges track the spacing and rotation between bends on 3D parts.

The company’s VersaNotcher places notches in round or square tubing, and flat bars. Notches can be placed at an angle up to 225 degrees and offset up to 1.438 inches.

Manufacturers in many industries use MFG.com to source custom parts. Buyers upload requests for quotation and then connect with job shops and contract manufacturers that meet these specifications. Part buyers can connect with suppliers based on geographic location, certifications and manufacturing capabilities. They can also request that suppliers sign electronic non-disclosure agreement forms to control how, when, where and by whom their drawings and documents are viewed.

Types of parts sourced include those for assembly, rapid prototyping, and tool, die and mold making. The parts are made by casting, extrusion, forging, machining, molding or stamping. Tube modification, as well as spring and wire forming services, can also be contracted via MFG.com. Notable members of the website are Lockheed Martin, General Motors, Tesla, SpaceX, IBM, Siemens, Nike and General Electric.

For more information about reaching suppliers online, call 888-404-9686 or visit www.mfg.com.