LORDSTOWN, OH—Startup company Lordstown Motors Corp. has purchased GM’s shuttered assembly plant here to produce a new all-electric pickup truck.

Dubbed the Endurance, the new pickup is being designed for fleets and is expected to be available starting in late 2020.

“We are committed to the people of Lordstown; we will locate our headquarters in the Lordstown plant; and we plan to build the Endurance pickup truck utilizing the experienced workers who helped produce millions of vehicles in this very same plant,” says Steve Burns, CEO of Lordstown Motors.

“We’re honored to have the opportunity to build electric vehicles in Lordstown because the people of Lordstown and the plant are, and will be, the history and future of the auto industry. When the first Endurance electric pickup rolls off that line, it will be a great day for Lordstown, OH, and America.”

“The quality and precision of the production robotics and equipment in the Lordstown facility is evident,” adds Rich Schmidt, chief production officer for Lordstown Motors and former director of manufacturing at Tesla Inc. “Our team feels this is a factor to help us hit the ground running in building the Endurance pickup truck.”

Spanning 6.2 million square feet, the Lordstown assembly plant has produced more than 16 million vehicles to date.