WARREN,MI— Eckhart, an American owned Industry 4.0 advanced manufacturing solutions provider, announced PRI Robotics will adopt the Eckhart name effective immediately.

PRI Robotics, founded in 1995, designs, builds, and integrates automated robotic systems that include machine tending, assembly, dispensing, material removal, arc welding, and quality inspection.

“Adopting the Eckhart name simplifies how we present Eckhart’s full suite of solutions to customers in the Twin Cities region. As PRI Robotics’ traditional customers accelerate the adoption of Eckhart’s Industry 4.0 based technologies that include AGVs, collaborative robotics, and 3D printing, our goal is to provide a seamless one-stop-shop experience for customers,” says Andy Storm, President and CEO of Eckhart.

“This rebranding effort will simplify how our sales and business development teams present Eckhart’s full suite of solutions to customers and help us bring more value to the manufacturing ecosystems we serve. When we create, build, and deliver real value as one company, our customers win.”

The local facility and functional teams in Plymouth, MN will adopt the Eckhart name to streamline internal and external communication while also clarifying the company’s brand presence in the marketplace.

“We believe a unified company brand makes it easier for all stakeholders to interact with our team. A common company brand strengthens how we communicate externally, recruit new employees, and offer streamlined solutions to our customers. Our goal is to share our full suite of solutions with the world in a consistent and coherent manner,” states Drew Morales, General Manager of PRI Robotics.

Eckhart has already initiated the brand transition with PRI Robotics and expects to complete the company wide effort by the end of 2019.