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New Paradigms in Application Programming

With the continued growth of collaborative robots’ usage, more and more industries are looking towards cobots to improve production and help resolve labor shortage. Cobots offer flexibility which can be applied to a wide range of applications and be deployed with varying levels of automation expertise. As the manufacturing industry and other industries continue to evolve, the need for new and innovative applications are becoming essential. In this webinar, presented by cobot leader Universal Robots, Technical Support Manager Brent Bartson will help guide those looking to identify and evaluate target applications, provide examples of the most effective and useful applications, how and when one should reach out to experts, and how your production will benefit from using cobots.

During this webinar, you will learn:

  1. A foundational understanding of current applications being used with collaborative robots and their benefits
  2. About new and upcoming applications that are being utilized with collaborative robots.
  3. How collaborative robots benefit a wide range of industries due to the vast amount of applications available.

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